New Artwork Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Wonder Woman didn’t show up in the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we haven’t seen any new images of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman since that first image reveal way back in July. But now we’ve got some artwork of her, the sort they might use for licensing and such. These two images went up last week:

movieww1 movieww2

And now DC Women Kicking Ass has posted this fun new shot of Wonder Woman in the classic bullet deflecting pose:


Much like that closer look at the costume in proper lighting that we got a few weeks ago, I like this Wonder Woman so much better when she’s not put through a million filters to make everything look brown. It could maybe be a little brighter, but the colour choices are decent and the whole look definitely says “Wonder Woman”. Except for the tiara. I still hate that tiara. How hard would it have been to do the classic tiara? Did they not learn anything from when Jim Lee tried to tweak it with the New 52 and it never caught on? The iconic tiara is a classic look. This one is just weird.

I also like the idea of the cloak in the earlier images. I think Wonder Woman can pull off a decent cloak, even though this one looks oddly rough hewn and resembles Batman’s cape. Still, I dig it.

Seeing some red on the boots is nice too. Everything else we’ve seen of them looked all metallic and gold, but I’m glad they captured the spirit of the classic boots with the red sides and the stripe down the middle.

My only real concern with all of these images is the prominence of her sword. I feel like that’s suggesting we’re going to have a very warrior-like Wonder Woman, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but not the direction I hoped they’d go in this already very dark universe. Wonder Woman should bring some light into it, I think, not just be another gritty brawler. But we haven’t seen any of her role in the film yet, so I’ll try not to get too presumptuous.

Anyway, she looks decent! I’m hoping for some actual footage of her soon, but the movie’s still ten months away and it may be a while until we get a second, more expansive trailer. Some stills would be rad though. We’ve got pictures of Batman and Superman up the wazoo now; bring on the fun hero!


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3 Responses to “New Artwork Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”

  1. merryjest Says:

    I’m not terribly crazy about the cape, with the jagged edges. It sort of looks like something she might have raided from Bruce’s wardrobe. If they’re going the warrior route, you’d think they would have gone for a campaign cape look… you know, a cape over which you won’t stumble and fall into a crag or something 😛

  2. Gordon Bishop Says:

    I’m annoyed that Gal Gadot keeps vogueing in these promotional shots. Instead of looking like an intimidating warrior with unpardonable strength, she has this face that says, “don’t I look hot as Wonder Woman?”.

    I also agree that the focus on her sword is upsetting, but for different reasons. For once, I want to see a female action hero actually punching villains. Katniss Everdeen has a bow, Black Widow has electric gloves and does flips everywhere, and now it seems like Wonder Woman is going to exclusively use weaponry.

    This isn’t the Wonder Woman I wanted to see on the big screen. I wanted to see Wonder Woman with really muscular arms, and stature. And I don’t mean that I want her to be curvy (something that some people are saying when they really mean “boobs, please”) — I just want her to be, well, wide. I want her to have the same kind of presence that Cavill has as Superman and Affleck has as Batman.

    I wanted Wonder Woman to punch people in the face, not hide behind weaponry, and I want elements of her love and compassion to be touched upon. I wanted for her outfit to be just as iconic and well-realized as Superman’s and Batman’s are in this movie. And for the love of God, out of the alleged 8+ outfits she is going to wear in this movie, I wanted at least one of them to have FUCKING PANTS.

    I’m sorry. This costume and her portrayal so far has me really upset. Rant over.

  3. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    If this is what the actual colors look like in the film, then I say they have done a good job costume wise. My biggest worry since seeing that first comic-con photo have actually been her hair, and seeing these pictures have only made me more nervous. Her hair is too short, doesn’t have enough volume and judging by these pictures is apparently brown instead of black. I was really hoping they would give Gal Gadot the same kind of treatment they gave Lynn Collins when she played Dejah Thoris in the John Carter movie (spray tan, hair extensions, blue contact lenses). Wonder Woman with slightly below shoulder length brown hair just doesn’t look right to me.

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