Superman/Wonder Woman Post-Convergence Sneak Peek: Some Good News?

DC has been releasing original Sneak Peeks of their June comics in the back of May’s “Convergence” titles, and while it looks like Wonder Woman didn’t make the Sneak Peek cut, Superman/Wonder Woman has. Despite a massively underwhelming first arc, Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke are back on the book next month, but some big changes may be afoot.

The full preview is available to download for free at Comixology and will probably be up online at Comic Book Resources and whatnot soon enough, but here’s a brief run through. All of the Super-books are going to be part of the “Truth” storyline this June, digging into the fallout of Superman’s secret identity being exposed. In today’s Sneak Peek of Superman/Wonder Woman, we see the post-identity reveal Superman, ie. t-shirt and a buzz cut, all bloodied and staggering around the Justice League’s orbiting headquarters. Superman sucker punches the Flash and steals a spaceship to get near the sun and recharge his batteries, but Wonder Woman worries that this loose cannon Superman is overdoing it and literally flying too close to the sun, so she shoots off to stop him.

She snags Superman before his ship flies into the heart of the sun, and tries to sooth the troubled Man of Steel with a kiss, but he’s not having any of it. Instead, the book ends with this startling declaration:


Oh snap! Is our long national nightmare finally over? Are Wonder Woman and Superman going to split up? It’s hard to say at this point. This Sneak Peek is a teaser, and is thus constructed to be shocking so as to entice you to pick up the comic next month. Plus Superman doesn’t seem to be in his right mind throughout the preview, so I don’t know how much stock we can put in this pronouncement.

I certainly hope it’s true. DC has been trying to make Wonder Woman and Superman work as a couple for three years now, and they’re just not clicking. No one’s been able to capture any real spark or chemistry between them, and the relationship has been particularly bad for Wonder Woman, who’s been stuck in a second fiddle role. I would not be sad if this “Truth” storyline is the last arc of Superman/Wonder Woman and then the book ends.

But it could all just be a fake out. You can put too much stock in a teaser. The “Truth” solicits are impressively vague, so they’re not giving us any info either. We’ll all have to tune in next month to find out what’s really going on. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a break up, though.


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5 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman Post-Convergence Sneak Peek: Some Good News?”

  1. Jan Arrah Says:

    Personally, I think they’d save Superman/WW by making it a buddy book in the same vein as Batman/Superman.. it’d work well.. It’s pretty sad though that Batman has come out looking better in Supes/WW than WW.

  2. merryjest Says:

    My rule of thumb for DC is this: If there seems to be good news related to Wonder Woman, it is most likely a fake-out.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Why does Wonder woman loves her life

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