Wonder Woman Annual #1 Preview: Wrapping Up Meredith And David Finch’s First Arc

After a two month delay, Wonder Woman Annual #1 is hitting comic shops tomorrow. The book was supposed to be out just before “Convergence” began, but then Wonder Woman #40 got pushed back and it seems that DC just waited until “Convergence” was over to put out this annual. It’s a bit of an odd choice, seeing as the annual is meant to wrap up the main book’s current storyline. I don’t know that it’s wise of DC to bank on a) readers still caring two months later, and b) readers remembering they need to pick up this annual for the story’s conclusion two months later. Anyway, it’s out tomorrow, and Harpy has a big seven page preview of the book:



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It seems increasingly unlikely that the underground people storyline is going to tie into the Paradise Island storyline in any significant way, other than as fallout from how defeating the First Born played out. We won’t know until tomorrow, but just from this preview it seems to be fairly neatly wrapped up now with the spaceship solution. I’m guessing most of the issue will be devoted to Wonder Woman vs. Donna Troy.

The Manazons are now dead, which is unfortunate but also they won’t be missed. Men on Paradise Island? Just a terrible idea from the get go. I’d rather they hadn’t done it in the first place than some rogue Amazons kill them all, but either way they’re gone and we can move on from that terrible decision. I remain 100% Team Donna because Diana has been an unlikable mess of a person in this arc and entirely un-Wonder Womanlike, while Donna has a pretty sweet outfit and one cool thing versus zero cool things is enough to tip the scales for me. I’m sort of morbidly curious to see how it all plays out tomorrow, and how shocking they’ll go with this finale in order to set up some big changes for the DCYou mini-relaunch. Superman’s secret identity has been revealed and Batman is Commissioner Gordon in an armour suit, so the potential is definitely there for something crazy and status quo changing to go down in this annual.

Look for Wonder Woman Annual #1 in comic shops and online tomorrow! It’s five bucks, which is kind of annoying, but it’s also probably 40 pages or so. You won’t get hosed on quantity, at least. Quality may be a different matter.


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One Response to “Wonder Woman Annual #1 Preview: Wrapping Up Meredith And David Finch’s First Arc”

  1. Ben Herman: In My Not So Humble Opinion Says:

    The artwork by Finch is driving me nuts! Diana has practically the same expression on every single panel of every page. I’m so happy that I dropped this book.

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