Wonder Woman #41 Preview OR The Finches’ Second Arc Begins

It’s been two weeks, and I’m still flabbergasted by the fact that I didn’t hate Wonder Woman Annual #1, which wrapped up Meredith and David Finch’s first arc on the book. It wasn’t a great conclusion, but it was considerably less bad than all of the previous issues, with some moments that were actually decent. I’m hoping that the Finches’ can continue to not be so terrible as their second arc launches tomorrow, but this preview from Crave Online isn’t giving us a lot to go on:



ww41c ww41d


On the plus side, it’s not awful. This is just bland more than anything, a sort of quick recap of where we are now. Wonder Woman’s found some balance in her life (ugh), Donna is in jail on Olympus for killing all the Manazons, but she was influenced by the evil lies of Derinoe, a bitter Amazon, when she did so. Wonder Woman believes in second chances, Donna is all pouty, Wonder Woman spouts a corny line like, “You need to decide if you are going to use your life, or be used by it.” It’s all very expositional and a little dull.

I was expecting a little more of a bang to ring in the #DCYou relaunch, but there are lots more pages for that to come, I suppose. In what we’ve got here, Wonder Woman is in her old costume and we have no hints as to where the story is going; it’s all just a look backward. I expect that by issue’s end we’ll know more about this new arc, and I assume that Diana will be in the new costume. We’ll know for sure tomorrow.

What we do know for sure is that Wonder Woman is a four dollar book now, after being three bucks since the New 52 relaunch in 2011. That’s rather annoying. I’m not excited to pay a dollar more for a comic I don’t really like to begin with.

Wonder Woman #41 is in comic shops and online tomorrow, and hopefully it won’t suck. Meredith and David Finch both improved over the course of the first arc, and while the book never got to good, it’d be nice to see that upward trend continue and maybe at some point down the road it could be a pleasant reading experience. You never know. If the Finches are going to be around for a while, then I’m going to jump into this new arc with optimism and hope for the best. We’ll see what happens.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman #41 Preview OR The Finches’ Second Arc Begins”

  1. Green Says:

    you think it improved? I think it continued the same, and the annual was very bad closure to the storyline.
    I really can’t wait to see the Finches out of it

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I thought the annual had it’s moments. It wasn’t good, but it was their best issue yet. I thought that the Diana/Donna fight was fairly decent. But yeah, I’ll be glad for a new team to take the book over, preferably sooner than later. It looks like it’s the Finches for another 6 at least, though.

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