Mattel’s Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Figures On Display At Comic-Con

We had a look at some Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice toys before Comic-Con began, including a fun looking Wonder Woman Barbie, but now with the show in full swing we’re starting to get pictures of Mattel’s wider line for the film, including several Wonder Woman figures. Toyark was on the scene and got a lot of great shots, so let’s through some of the Wonder Woman figures we’ll be able to pick up in early 2016.

First, we got this one from what looks to be the primary set:


Superhero movies tend to put out a variety of different figures these days, and my best guess is that this Wonder Woman is from what I’ll call the cheap set, ie. the less expensive and less detailed figures they make for kids. They’re the ones that come with weird accessories and bizarre costumes that aren’t even in the movie and such, and a lot of the time they don’t look great. This one isn’t too bad, and I’m really happy to see that Wonder Woman will be a part of this main set.

Next, we’ve got a bigger, much more detailed figure:


This is from Mattel’s Multiverse line, but it’s bigger than their usual, mini fare. I’d guess it at about 6 or 7 inches tall. The detail is great, the texture is impressive, and there look to be a lot of points of articulation. I don’t see a shield, sword, or lasso but I’ve got to assume that they come with this figure. This is a great piece, and definitely the one on the top of my list to buy.

Though this one is pretty high on that list too:


It’s also from the Multiverse line, but is the more typical 3.75″ size. The detail looks incredible for a figure that small, but we should keep in mind that Mattel is bringing their fanciest display figures to Comic-Con. I’ve seen pictures of Multiverse figures before that looked amazing, and then I saw it in store and realized that the mass produced line wasn’t quite so detailed. It would be spectacular if the actual Wonder Woman figure looked in the ballpark of as nice as this one is, because it’s great, especially for its size.

There are also a bunch of Superman and Batman figures in the lines, but who cares about those dudes? Toyark‘s got tons of pictures of everything. Also, I’m assuming that this isn’t the entire line because there are no villains or other Justice Leaguers or anything. With the movie’s release still a while off, it looks like Mattel is focusing on the Trinity for now and I assume the rest of the line will be unveiled later, maybe at NYCC or something in the fall. So for all of us holding out hope for some Lois Lane action figures, my best guess is that there will definitely be more figures coming.

The release dates on all of these figures are January 1, 2016, so keep your eyes peeled in the New Year and hope you get some Christmas money so you can buy them all! Regardless of how the film turns out, it’s great to see so many Wonder Woman figures in the mix and I can’t wait to get ALL of them.

EDIT: The Toyark site seems to be having some problems, so here’s a link to a gallery from Toy News International with pictures of the display.

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5 Responses to “Mattel’s Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Figures On Display At Comic-Con”

  1. rperlberg Says:

    >It’s also from the Multiverse line, but is the more typical 3.75′ size.

    I’m assuming you meant 3.75″ (inches) rather than 3.75′ (feet).

    Though, how cool would a 3.75 foot Wonder Woman be?

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Ha, yes! That’s what I meant. I’m Canadian, so I don’t know the proper imperial notation. We’re all metric 🙂 I’ve changed it. Thanks!

  2. rperlberg Says:

    Your links to Toyark’s page are for the WordPress New Site page.

  3. Brandon Says:

    Saldrá figuras de esta película en escala 3.75″???

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