Superman/Wonder Woman #19 Preview OR The Suicide Squad Shows Up In This One Or Whatever

Superman/Wonder Woman is still a comic book that exists, though I really have no idea why. It’s return last month after “Convergence” was entirely underwhelming, neither title character has seemed like themselves for some time, and now Wonder Woman’s got a hella ugly costume. A new issue is out next week, guest starring the Suicide Squad! It’s the crossover that nobody demanded! I know Wonder Woman is in this book so I TRY to care about it, but it’s just so hard. Let’s take a look a preview of Superman/Wonder Woman #19, courtesy of Newsarama:

sww19a sww19b sww19c sww19d


So there’s some fighting and name calling and whatnot. I’m hoping that the fight doesn’t take up most of the issue and then like one thing happens to further the story somewhat and that’s it for the issue, but also I’m betting that’s probably what happens. I really don’t care for this series. Maybe I should just stop talking about it on this site, because I’m only ever a downer about it and nobody likes that. “Hey, this mediocre comic book that has Wonder Woman in it some, but she’s really lame, like depressingly so, is coming out again” doesn’t make for the most exciting posts. I think this might be the last time I talk about this series until something significant happens or it stops being not good.

Anyway, Superman/Wonder Woman #19 is out this Wednesday! Check it out if you’ve got four bucks you absolutely don’t need for anything else. Or, even better, save those dollars, wait a week, and get Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #12 because it’s got a killer Emanuela Lupacchino cover and an absolutely fantastic Poison Ivy team up inside. Yeah, that’s a much better plan.


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4 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #19 Preview OR The Suicide Squad Shows Up In This One Or Whatever”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you’re still going to pick up the title, I’m interested in your commentary about it. But if you want to drop it, that’s totally understandable.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I’m definitely still going to pick it up; I can’t not buy a book with “Wonder Woman” in the title. I just don’t want to be complaining about it all the time. But if people are interested in it, maybe I’ll keep posting about it occasionally.

  2. 1derwymin (@seshat_trophies) Says:

    I always look at your commentary for reinforcing my decision of not buying this book. Although as the previous poster said, if you want to drop it then it is understandable as well.

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