Wonder Woman #42 Preview OR It’s 11:30 and the Club is Jumpin’, Jumpin’

I almost made the subtitle for this post the entirety of Destiny’s Child “Jumpin’, Jumpin'”, but that seemed a bit excessive. It is, however, a fun and enjoyable jam, unlike Meredith and David Finch’s plodding Wonder Woman run thus far. I was hoping they’d return after the “Convergence” break with something fresh and moderately interesting, but last month’s issue was a real dud, with an ugly costume thrown in the mix too. Wonder Woman #42, out this Wednesday, picks up with that weird dude from June’s issue who is trying to kill Wonder Woman. Unsurprisingly, it’s not going well for him. But first, the club! Here’s a preview, courtesy of Comicbook.com:


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First off, why is Wonder Woman saying “Hi yah”? That’s an Asian martial arts thing, and she was trained in Amazon fighting styles. It just doesn’t seem like something Wonder Woman would say. Unless they were going for a Miss Piggy reference, in which case, cool beans.

Second, this club scene is not great. I understand what they’re going for here, sticking it to sexist dudes as some kind of empowering moment where the audience can cheer, but it’s all just so cliché. A guy harasses a girl and she beats him up? Seen it. So many times. Plus the guy is such a caricature, and Meredith Finch doesn’t have a good enough handle writing Wonder Woman to not make her follow up speech not read like an after school special. I appreciate what they’re trying to do here, but it doesn’t work well. Plus Azzarello JUST did this a little while ago, when Wonder Woman almost ripped Orion’s balls off.

Anyway, the rest of the issue is that dude from last issue trying to kill Wonder Woman and missing. I mean, a bow and arrow from that distance? That’s bound to go wrong, mysterious dude. And now Wonder Woman’s going to kick your ass.   There’s a lot of book left after this preview, so I doubt that scintillating conflict will play out over the whole of it. I’m expecting some Donna Troy stuff in there too, and maybe more background on this dude and who he’s working with. The Finches have talked about that a bit in interviews, but I won’t spoil it here until it’s officially out there in the comics.

Look for Wonder Woman #42 in comic shops everywhere and online this Wednesday! Or, as I suggested with Superman/Wonder Woman last week, just buy Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #12, which is also out on Wednesday. It’s got some GREAT stuff in it. The Poison Ivy team up is really good.


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