Sales for Meredith and David Finch’s Wonder Woman Fall Significantly in July, Down Nearly 20%


The sales numbers for July are out, and DC Comics continues to struggle against Marvel and their very successful Secret Wars event. Marvel took the top spot in terms of dollars and number of units sold by a massive margin, and things are looking rather grim for the #DCYou mini-relaunch. Everyone at the DC offices in Burbank must be feeling pretty disappointed with how things are going thus far.

Meredith and David Finch’s Wonder Woman is among the many DC books that had a bad July. After coming back flat last month after the “Convergence” break with no significant change in sales, the book took a huge fall. Wonder Woman #41 was in 48th place on the charts in June with 45,284 issues sold, but in July Wonder Woman #42 tumbled down to 56th place on the charts with only 36,668 issues sold, a drop of 19%. It’s the book’s lowest showing since the Finches took over (excepting the annual; those always have lower sales).

Wonder Woman wasn’t the only book to fall, though. Among the titles closest to it on the chart, Green Lantern #42 was down 14%, Action Comics #42 was also down 14%, The Flash #42 fell 12%, and New Suicide Squad #10 declined 16%. Wonder Woman had the worst decline, but none of its DC companions in that region of the chart had a good month.

With all of these steep drop-offs, Superman/Wonder Woman #19 did relatively well. It actually rose on the charts from 61st place to 57th place, though the numbers were down: Superman/Wonder Woman #18 sold 39,787 copies and Superman/Wonder Woman #19 sold 36,666 copies. But it was a drop of just 8%, not so great on its own but decent compared to all of the other DC books near it. Nonetheless, both mainline Wonder Woman titles are cascading downward.

In happier news, Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman stayed fairly stable. It sold 10,761 copies in June and fell to just 10,623 copies in July, a drop of only 1.3%. That’s a miniscule change, and a decent showing for a digital first series. It’s selling considerably better than The Flash TV show tie-in comic, for example, and that show’s a huge hit. Floating near 10,000 is a bit of a worrisome spot, but if Sensation Comics can stay above that line then hopefully DC will keep it around for a while.

August should be an interesting month for the mainline Wonder Woman books. We’ll learn if these drops are just a second month adjustment for DC’s new line or if readers are actually falling away at a worrisome rate. Wonder Woman‘s relatively large drop suggests the latter; sure, everything in that area was down, but Wonder Woman was down the most. If the numbers continue to fall, I’d imagine a new creative team and possibly a substantial revamp will be on the horizon.

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3 Responses to “Sales for Meredith and David Finch’s Wonder Woman Fall Significantly in July, Down Nearly 20%”

  1. veronica Says:

    in august there is bomshells variants,maybe it will recover some sales, but I don’t expect it to be like last year success.
    seems like big part of wonder woman sales are alternate covers or it was heavily over ordered by retailers because of sales incentive in june

  2. Havilland Parker (@HavParker) Says:

    I want a new creative team on this book. The idea of a revamp is scary, but I want a Wonder Woman book that is worth reading again.

    Hopefully, whatever their thoughts were when DC brought on the Finches, they realize they have to do something different. They can’t just get a famous artist and think that is going to sell a book.

    WW needs someone with a story to tell.

    That’s an ideal, of course but and ideal worth hoping for.

  3. Kate Says:

    For all the promotion and push for Superman “Truth” the sales across the board for it are pretty bad. (It’s a terrible concept so I understand why.)

    Superman/Wonder Woman remains the lowest selling Superman book even with Harley in there as a way to entice readers and the tie in with “Truth.” Will be interesting to see how long DC lets the book coast with these kind of medicine sales before finally putting this god forsaken romance that has long overstayed its welcome out of its misery.

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