Wonder Woman #43 Preview OR Ian Churchill Replaces David Finch For An Issue

Wonder Woman #43 is out this Wednesday, and things are going to look a little bit different. David Finch is taking the month off and Ian Churchill is in to take his place as the first fill-in artist to appear in the book since the Finches took over. I honestly expected it a lot sooner; David Finch isn’t the best at keeping a regular schedule, but he did eight straight issues of Wonder Woman and part of an annual. Say what you will about the quality of his art, but that’s a solid streak for a guy not known for his speed.

Let’s take a look at what we’ll get in Wonder Woman #43 this month, courtesy of Comic Vine:



ww43c ww43d ww43e ww43f

I haven’t seen Ian Churchill’s work in a long time. I think the last issue of his I read was maybe an early issue of Supergirl when they relaunched it after the Michael Turner run in Superman/Batman? That must be almost a decade ago now. His style here looks more cartoonish than I remember. Also, everyone sort of looks like they’re eating lemons; there’s a lot of puckering going on here. At first glance I’m not loving Churchill’s take on things, but I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve read the whole issue.

The story seems to be continuing to plod along at a glacial pace. If Donna Troy is gone and Strife is there, it really shouldn’t take four pages for Wonder Woman to but two and two together and go off looking for her. “Do you know anything about this?” is perhaps the dumbest possible response to finding Strife at the scene of a suspicious incident. She’s Strife. Of course she was involved.

Anyway, after months and months of subpar comic booking we’ve got something a little bit different with this new issue of Wonder Woman. Whether it will be better remains to be scene, but the look will be changed up at least. Look for Wonder Woman #43 in comic shops and online this Wednesday!


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4 Responses to “Wonder Woman #43 Preview OR Ian Churchill Replaces David Finch For An Issue”

  1. veronica Says:

    “Also, everyone sort of looks like they’re eating lemons;” being written by Meredith Finch made this effect

  2. Joshua Tucker Says:

    Hey Tim,

    Just had a quick question about this issue – would you say this is a good ‘Jump On’ point for Wonder Women. I’ve not read much from DC post convergence and could use some advise!


    • Tim Hanley Says:

      This one is three issues into the new storyline. It began in Wonder Woman #41 so if you want to go back and start there, that would be the ideal jumping on point. But if you started here, you could probably figure out what’s happened. There’s always a lot of recapping in the book as of late; the writing’s been fairly expository.

      Also, if you do go back to #41, past issues are always a buck cheaper on Comixology once the new one is out, so you could save a couple bucks on the first two by going digital.

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