Superman/Wonder Woman #20 Preview OR Five Pages And No Wonder Woman To Be Seen

They really ought to just call this book Adventures of Superman or Superman: The Man of Steel or something because Superman/Wonder Woman is a complete misnomer. Since its inception it’s been a Superman-centric book, run by the Superman editorial offices, and it’s spent a significant portion of its tenure tied up in Superman events. Just like Action Comics is the book Lana Lang shows up in and Superman is the book with Lois Lane, Superman/Wonder Woman should be renamed and just be the Super-book that Wonder Woman is a frequent guest star in, because that’s about all she does.

This opening rant is brought to you by the fact that we have a five page preview of Superman/Wonder Woman #20 in which Wonder Woman does not appear nor is she even mentioned. I’m sure she’ll be somewhere in the full issue, but her complete lack of presence here underscores the second fiddle position she’s had in this series since day one. It irks me.

Anyway, here’s some Superman stuff in Superman/Wonder Woman #20, courtesy of The AV Club:


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I feel like a crotchety old man saying this, but this isn’t my Superman. He hasn’t been my Superman since the New 52 relaunch four years ago. DC has somehow lost all of the qualities that make Superman super, and that’s very disappointing. I think the only storyline that has captured the essence of Superman for me since the relaunch was the first arc of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s Action Comics. That arc was amazing. Everything else just doesn’t feel like him, and this angry, t-shirt wearing, buzz cutted Superman is the incarnation furthest away from how I see the character.

Anyway, he’s arguing with Steve Trevor in the Oval Office or whatever. All of his friends have been captured. I liked the Lois Lane panel, at least. That was fun. The rest was just tough dude posturing. It all could have used a little bit of Wonder Woman, really.

Superman/Wonder Woman #20 is available in stores and online this Wednesday! Here’s my suggestion: Action Comics Volume 5: What Lies Beneath is the first volume of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s run, and the paperback is only $14.99. It’s KILLER. Take a few months off of Superman/Wonder Woman while this dumb “Truth” storyline plods along and use the money you’re saving to pick up that trade and just have yourself a fantastic time.


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2 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #20 Preview OR Five Pages And No Wonder Woman To Be Seen”

  1. Theresa Meire Says:

    Hi! In the middle of your book and you are a Genius! I am loving it! So glad to find it at my local library. Wm Marston has fascinated me since the piece on Wonder Woman in Bitch magazine years ago. Suffering Sappho!

  2. Kate Says:

    It’s really amazing how truly bad the gender dynamics are in the Super books right now. Lois Lane has not appeared in Action Comics—the book she debuted in—for a really long time. Why? Some kind of weird editorial mandate? Greg Pak works overtime to try and distract from her noticeable absence by trying to recreate Lana Lang as a more assertive character (it feels super forced to me) and now with creation of Lee. (Lee is a fine character but she still is clearly only there bc he can’t use Lois.). None of the women ever really interact. The books fail the Bechdel test over and over again. We are supposed to think it’s cool that only one woman can appear per book even though they never really interact or talk or co-exist and when they do (like here) it’s only about a man. It’s awful. Not one woman as writer, editor or artist on the Super books for a long time now. It’s a disgrace.

    Meanwhile, they need to just free Wonder Woman and Superman from this romance bc it’s keeping both of them from way more interesting stories. Wonder Woman could be exploring romance elsewhere (or none at all) in her own book but she’s chained to this idiocy with Superman so we get nothing on that front. Superman’s books continue their bizarro treatment of Lois bc she’s clearly so much of a threat to the status quo that they either push her out of books (like in Action) or write stories that further malign her.

    The Super books are probably one of the most egregious male clubhouse groups at DC right now and it’s so bothersome. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman just keeps getting dragged along for the ride and it sucks.

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