Women In Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, June 2015 In Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is now up at Bleeding Cool, and there were a lot of interesting numbers in the mix this month. After posting huge totals with “Convergence” in April and May, DC fell back down to Earth as Marvel took the top spot.

DC had 12.2% female creators overall, a decline of more than half from last month, though some of their numbers were strong by category. Nonetheless, June was the beginning of DC’s mini-relaunch that promised more diverse creators, and the numbers were only marginally different from where DC was before their two month “Convergence” break. Marvel came in at 13.5% female creators overall, a relatively decent total for the publisher and another strong showing for Marvel, continuing their solid spring.

We also took a look at ethnicity numbers at DC, Marvel, and Image. Unsurprisingly, there are still a lot of white guys making comics. Based on each publisher’s solicits, DC was 74.9% white in June, Marvel was 78.2% white, and Image was 83.3% white. But on the positive side, high as those numbers may be, they are all lower than last year and show a turn toward more representation, albeit very slowly. Still, of all of the other ethnic groups tabulated in very broad categories (Asian, Black, and Hispanic) only one group at one publisher hit a percentage in double digits. While the numbers are improving in terms of representation, they’re still far from good.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for more details and charts!


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