Jason Fabok Draws A Fierce, Rad Wonder Woman In Justice League


I’m late to the party on this, I know. Jason Fabok took over the art duties on Justice League way back in November, and has been doing a stellar job since then. But the first collection featuring his artwork just came out recently, and I read it the other day. The stories were fine, if a little generic. I liked the Amazo virus arc better than the Luthor trying to join the Justice League bit. I mean, we all knew that was going to go sideways, but the Amazo virus allowed for a fun Justice League vs. zombies thing.

But the best part of the book was Jason Fabok’s art. While I’d seen previews of the issues and had glimpses of the book, and also read some of his other books before, I was nonetheless blown away when I saw his new stuff up close. Drawing the entire Justice League well is a tough gig, and he absolutely kills it. Fabok’s got a great feel for classic superhero action, and his style strikes me as sort of a combination of Jim Lee and Phil Jimenez. He does a solid job with every Justice League member, but his Wonder Woman is just fantastic.


First, Fabok’s tweaked her costume, and seems to have combined the good bits of her New 52 outfit with the good bits of her costume in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The mix works beautifully. She looks like a warrior, which is appropriate for Justice League; when she’s out with the Justice League, she’s on duty and needs to be ready to stop some serious threats. Plus Justice League is DC’s action blockbuster title, and there are going to be a lot of fights. Fabok’s Wonder Woman is well prepared for whatever comes up.


I like the small changes to each element of her costume. Her bullet deflecting bracelets are more heavy duty now, almost gauntlets. The new skirt allows for a lot of movement while covering her up a bit more than the classic briefs. The tweaks to the eagle crest on her chest are minor but add character to the costume. Fabok’s also altered the tiara, adding a little step down for the top point that looks kind of cool. The list of changes is lengthy once you sit back and think about it, but Fabok has retained everything that makes Wonder Woman’s look iconic, just with some updates for a more martial scenario.


Fabok also draws her fighting well. She’s strong and fierce, but also agile. His Wonder Woman isn’t just brute force; she’s got a lot of movement and obvious training behind her actions. The Amazo virus arc was a strong showcase for Wonder Woman all around. As one of the few Justice League members not infected, she got to play a bigger part in the story than usual, and was a more significant factor in the battle scenes. With Geoff Johns finally giving her something to do and Fabok drawing it so well, the storyline was DC’s best mainline showcase for Wonder Woman over the past year, including the two series she actually headlines.


Fabok is still the primary artist on Justice League, but I’m again behind the times and won’t know a whole lot about the “Darkseid War” event until the collection comes out. I’m quite looking forward to it now, though. Fabok’s clearly but a lot of effort into his Wonder Woman, redesigning her costume and choreographing cool fight scenes for her. It’s nice to see someone put such obvious care into the character, and with such quality results. I’m excited to see more, and I hope he stays with Wonder Woman for a long while.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

2 thoughts on “Jason Fabok Draws A Fierce, Rad Wonder Woman In Justice League

  1. Fabok’s art is great, and I do like his take on Wonder Woman. But I will just never accept her in all silver, instead of gold. Switch it back to the classic gold, and I’m fully on board with this costume.

    Also, I’m SHOCKED to actually be enjoying Wonder Woman as written by Geoff Johns. He has been one of the worst offenders in portraying her as a single-minded barbarian caricature for years, but it seems like he’s finally gotten a handle on her, and it’s fantastic. This is easily the best version of Wonder Woman currently being published.

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