Women In Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, July 2015 In Review


My July 2015 “Gendercrunching” is up now on Bleeding Cool, and both DC and Marvel had strong months, combining for one of the highest overall percentages of female creators we’ve seen in a normal month. Sometimes a “Women of Marvel” or a “Convergence” will momentarily spike the numbers, but July was a fairly run of the mill month for both publishers, with good numbers across the board.

DC rose to 14% female creators overall after a lackluster June debut for their new #DCYou line, while Marvel was up as well and hit 14.5% female creators overall. Both publishers are firing on all cylinders as well, with most of the categories coming in with above average totals. The numbers still aren’t anywhere near massive, but they’re higher than they were, and that’s good to see.

We also took a look at female characters, with another highest combined total, this time for female characters on the covers. Again, better doesn’t mean great; women still account for less than a third of the characters that appear on DC and Marvel’s covers. But the numbers are slightly better than they were. Results were mixed for female-led series. There have been major shakeups at both companies. DC’s female-led books remaining the same while male-led books jumped considerably. Marvel’s male and female-led books both dropped, but mixed titles skyrocketed.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats!


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