13′ Statue Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman Unveiled, Will Be Released In March

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now less than six months away, the merchandising machine is starting to ramp up, and today DC Collectibles announced a new piece. It’s a 13 inch resin statue of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in her movie costume, created by James Marsano, and it will be available this March for $150. It looks pretty nice, too, and Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive first look:


I want one! I doubt I’ll get one because that’s a lot of scratch, but still. It’s very lovely. It’s a solid likeness of Gadot, the costume looks good, and the colours are nice and bright. I’m really enjoying this costume outside of the film; in normal, real world light it looks great. It’s just in Zack Snyder’s desaturated cinematic world that it starts to look dingy.

The statue is part of a larger line; DC Collectibles announced some Batman and Superman statues from the film a couple of months back, though who cares about those dudes? Wonder Woman is where it’s at. Batman and Superman statues are like 90% cape anyway. You’re getting hosed. Plus Wonder Woman has majestic hair. And a sword! She makes for a far superior statue, for sure.

Anyway, start saving your pennies, for this statue and for the rest of the Wonder Woman merchandise onslaught that will hit us in the new year. It should be a lot of fun.


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