Renae De Liz Writing And Illustrating Digital First Series, The Legend Of Wonder Woman, Beginning In January 2016


DC Comics’ January 2016 solicits will be up early next week most likely, and they’re starting to roll out a few teases now. They’ve got a new Swamp Thing book, Amy Chu and Clay Mann’s Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death mini, and Tom Taylor is taking over Batman/Superman for an arc. Oh, and there’s a new Wonder Woman book! Here’s the full announcement:

For our Digital fans, January also brings a new Digital First series featuring the Amazon warrior princess herself, WONDER WOMAN! THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN is a nine-issue digital series written and illustrated by Renae De Liz, with inker/colorist Ray Dillon. In the beginning there was only chaos. But Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, sees a better future – and eventually her daughter is destined to bring that new world to life. But before her ultimate destiny is revealed, Diana of Themyscira must learn the important lessons of an Amazonian childhood!

Here’s the full cover, for your viewing enjoyment:


So this sounds great! Young Diana learning the ways of the Amazons is a billion percent my jam, and I’m so excited we’re getting more digital Wonder Woman fun after Sensation Comics wraps up. It’s smart of DC to keep a focus on Wonder Woman with Batman v Superman on the way, too, so hopefully more Wonder Woman-centric comics will follow.

The creative team is fantastic as well. Renae De Liz is a great writer AND artist, so it’s excellent to hear that she’s going to be pulling double duty here. The book should be gorgeous and fun. Do yourself a favour and go google her to see her artwork, because you’ll be doubly excited for this book after you check her stuff out. She recently adapted and drew a Peter Pan graphic novel that looked lovely. I’m very excited to see what she’s going to bring to Wonder Woman and the world of the Amazons.

The announcement above is a little unclear, but it looks to me like it’s going to be nine digital issues for the book instead of nine print issues. If that’s the case, it’ll likely be collected in three print issues, with the first starting in January maybe. Or they’ll save it all and do a special like they’ve been doing with Wonder Woman ’77. The full solicits in the coming days will tell us more.

I am all about this book! Based on the costume, this is going to be out of continuity fun, sparing us the darkness of the Amazons in the current DC universe. Plus the creative team is great, and we’re going to get the adventures of a young Diana. What’s better than that? I can’t wait for this series to start!


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2 Responses to “Renae De Liz Writing And Illustrating Digital First Series, The Legend Of Wonder Woman, Beginning In January 2016”

  1. JanArrah Says:

    It should also be noted that Renae De Liz is the great mind behind the Womanthology from a few years ago. She helped make it happen, so feminism and pro-female messages are part of her. Ray Dillon is her awesome husband, btw.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I hope you’re right about this not being in the New 52 continuity. If it is, I hope it’s intention is to undo the rapist warmongering crap.

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