Wonder Woman Stars In New DC Super Hero Girl Shorts


Since the introductory DC Super Hero Girls short came out a week ago and didn’t feature a lot of Wonder Woman, two new shorts have been released with Wonder Woman as the main character. And they’re kind of great. I think kids are going to be super into this show.

In the first short, “All About Superhero High”, Wonder Woman gets welcomed as the first Amazon to attend the school. Being from faraway Paradise Island, he’s not very up on the local customs, though:

I actually laughed out loud when Wonder Woman threw Hal Jordan across the campus. And I love the fish out of water angle they’re going for here, having Wonder Woman trying to learn about life outside of Paradise Island and using her smart phone to do so. She’s so eager and friendly; it’s kind of adorable. Plus it’s fun that Cheetah just dislikes her from the get-go. They’re transitioning the superhero world into a high school world in fun ways. It looks like it’s not going to be heroes vs. villains so much as differing cliques and mean girls and such, which is a clever angle. A normal Harley Quinn is a tricky character for kids, but turning her into a class clown, like they did here when she shocks Wonder Woman with a hand buzzer, is a smart move.

Speaking of Harley Quinn, she and Wonder Woman take center stage in the second short, “Roomies.” The two are rooming together, and while Wonder Woman is trying to set up her room and be studious, Harley is more concerned with having fun and glitter bombs:

This one is cute, too. The polar opposite dynamic between the two of them is enjoyable, and it’s nice that Wonder Woman lightened up and decided to have some fun with her new roomie. I also like the tweaks to Wonder Woman’s costume, paring it down some from the big shoulder pad scene and giving her a braid. The changes aren’t huge, but she felt a bit more like Wonder Woman to me with that outfit. I mean, I am not the target audience AT ALL, and kids might like the original, princessier costume more. But for me, I think her outfit and this short was a good blend of iconic Wonder Woman and kid friendly.

These shorts are a good time, and I hope kids are watching them! Online shorts are cool, but an actual TV show would be even better. I doubt I’ll post all of the DC Super Hero Girls shorts because I’m assuming there’ll be a bunch, but if any are overly Wonder Woman-centric I might put them up from time to time. They’re cute and enjoyable, and I really hope they’re a hit.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman Stars In New DC Super Hero Girl Shorts”

  1. JanArrah Says:

    unfortunately, DC has announced there will not be a cartoon or TV show yet. It looks like DC is going the route of Monster High and Ever After with the cute little web minisodes that work well and get people interested in the characters and then some direct to DVD movies (which of course, I will have to own them all.. :P). I’m excited. I also like that Mattel is doing dolls and action figures, makes a nice balance, creates more collectable toys (that we’ll have to get them all) and kinda plays to the strength of the entire concept. I dig that a lot.

    I do hope though, that while this is female centric, that we get some cool guy dolls/figures since they’ve already shown some great obscure/lesser known male heroes. I’d love an Adam Strange, Sandman, and Bunker figure in this line.
    I also hope that some of the 2nd tier characters like Killer Frost, Cheetah, Hawkgirl, Miss Martian, Starfire, and Star Sapphire who’ve appeared get figures/dolls.. It’d be awesome to to see some of the really obscure characters like Liberty Belle, Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr, who has appeared as a full figured character in several of the background of the shorts), Dove, Doctor Light, and.. the mysterious girl. We’re thinking she might be Lady Shiva (and by we, I mean.. me, my friends, Gail Simone, and random twitter people I’ve been asking to see if they could figure out who she is since she’s the ONLY character in the entire shorts that I cannot figure out who she is!).
    Oh and beyond excited about Big Barda being incorporated. The 3 Genius female characters already introduced (very nice and from 3 different genius backgrounds.. great role models). Loved Babs’s brief appearance in the second short too.

    I really do wish people would stop calling Katana Mulan though.. it’s kind of bigoted and really not cool given the long and deserved animosity between the Chinese and Japanese peoples.

    • JanArrah Says:

      PS Mysterious girl is the one in red with a braid. She appears in the background of the 1st short talking to Fire and in the background of the 2nd short behind Hawkgirl and Cheetah while they circle each other.

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