Wonder Woman #45 Preview OR Wonder Woman Fights An Angry Boy

Sometimes I forget that this story is still going. It’s been a month since the last issue came out, and I’ve been reading some really good Wonder Woman ’77 and Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman since then, plus DC announced Legends of Wonder Woman, which looks great. And DC Superhero Girls! I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyable Wonder Woman lately. So when I saw a preview for another Meredith and David Finch story today, my first reaction was, “Oh, they’re still making that?” It was kind of nice to forget that this storyline exists.

But yes, it’s still coming out, and for a long time to come if yesterday’s January 2016 solicits are any indication. So let’s see what Wonder Woman is up to in DC’s main universe with this preview of Wonder Woman #45:






Oof. Here’s the thing: I feel like Meredith Finch is trying. She’s going for a cycle of violence thing where Aegeus’ dad hit his mom so now he hits women too. I get it, and while it’s not the most original approach to a character, it could be decent if it was done subtly or in an interesting way. But this is just a million percent on the nose, with characters outright stating what’s happening. It’s tough to read because everything is so painfully obvious in how it’s presented. When I reviewed last month’s issue I went on and on about showing and not telling, and it looks like this month’s Wonder Woman is going to continue the telling to the max.

Anyway, Wonder Woman #45 is a comic book that will be available in stores and digitally tomorrow. Do with that information what you will. Here’s one potential reason to pick it up, though: Claire Wendling’s done a fantastic variant cover for the book for this month’s “Monsters of the Month” variant theme:


It’s very cool. I love the Medusa aspect, the bandages as bracelets look, the black and white, and how the lasso illuminates her. It’s just lovely and fun all around, and might be worth picking up if you can find one. Open the book at your own peril.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman #45 Preview OR Wonder Woman Fights An Angry Boy”

  1. Michael Scare-lly (@FizzVsTheWorld) Says:

    I’d rather be reading a Medusa story I can tell you that much…

  2. rperlberg Says:

    If she has the reflexes to deflect bullets, why can’t she block a punch?

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