Nicole Kidman Reportedly In Talks To Join The Wonder Woman Movie


There was big news on the Hollywood front yesterday with the rumour that Nicole Kidman is in talks to join Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman film alongside Gal Gadot. The Wrap broke the story and while details of her role are vague at best, they’re describing her potential part as “a high-ranking Amazonian warrior.” Everyone seems to be making the logical jump that Kidman would play Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother and the queen of the Amazons. I mean, you don’t bring in superstar actress Nicole Kidman to play Amazon #3 or some such; if she’s gonna be in the movie, she’s going to have a significant role. Of course, we know next to nothing about this movie, so maybe Kidman will be playing someone completely new yet important. But Hippolyta seems to be the best guess.

My reaction is mixed. I’m not a huge Kidman fan, and I much prefer her as a villain than a good guy. I remember back when they were making the first Narnia movie and there were rumours that Kidman was going to play the White Witch and I thought that was perfect, brilliant casting (it didn’t work out, of course). She’s just got that quality, not in a bad way, that captures a sort of cold regality so well. I’m concerned she would bring that to Hippolyta, simply because I like warm, friendly Amazons, not fancy, regal ones. And Kidman doesn’t exactly strike me as a warrior queen.

The casting of a blonde Hippolyta would make a certain amount of sense. While originally a brunette in the Golden Age, Hippolyta was blonde from the Silver Age until the George Perez relaunch in 1987, and is blonde again, though dead, in the current DC Comics universe. There have been rumours that the Wonder Woman film is drawing a lot from her current incarnation, specifically the Azzarello/Chiang run, so a blonde Hippolyta would match that. If she’s even playing Hippolyta, and if she even agrees to join the film. So many things remain up in the air!

The only other officially on board cast at this point is Chris Pine, who has confirmed he’s in the movie. I’m not sure it’s been confirmed that he’s playing Steve Trevor, but that’s the most obvious assumption. There were also rumours a while back that Sean Bean was being considered for Ares and Eva Green was up for Circe, but there’s been no confirmation of any kind there either. I love both of those castings wholeheartedly, should they turn out to be true. Sean Bean is Boromir AND Ned Stark, so I will love him forever, and Eva Green is lovely yet witchy and evil when she needs to be and I think she’d make a great Circe.

So what new things do we now know officially? Nothing at all. But Nicole Kidman MIGHT be in Wonder Woman, which is interesting. Landing a big name would be a good get for the film. Personally, I’m hoping she’s playing Dr. Chase Meridian again and Wonder Woman is actually a tie-in to the Batman Forever universe and not the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice universe. That would be a lot more fun. Anyway, maybe Warner Bros. will finally tell us something official about this movie someday. If not, we’ll find out who’s playing who and what the story is when Wonder Woman hits the big screen on June 23, 2017.


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3 Responses to “Nicole Kidman Reportedly In Talks To Join The Wonder Woman Movie”

  1. Havilland Says:

    Personally, I’m hoping the Amazonian thing is wrong and that if she joins the cast it will be to play Hera. I’d much prefer her to play a villain too. Hera straddles that line and gives Nicole something interesting to play.

    If they are going the New 52 route, Nicole makes no sense to play Gal Gadot’s mother.

  2. Paraic Kenny Says:

    Call me crazy, but how is there any choice of actress to play Hippolyta other than Lynda??
    (Yes, THAT Lynda!!)
    If – by the grace of Gaea – this movie doesn’t suffer from the stranglehold of the New 52, I also think she would make a glorious Athena….

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