The Legend Of Wonder Woman Trailer Reveals What’s Coming Up In The New Comic Series

Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon’s The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 premiered digitally yesterday, and if you’re waiting for its print debut in January, let me tell you: Get excited. It’s a fresh, fun new take on Wonder Woman that’s true to her roots, and the art is gorgeous too. The book is great on every level, and based on this first issue I can’t wait to see what happens next.

And now, thanks to Ray Dillon, we’ve all got a sneak peek at what’s coming for the series. He’s posted a trailer on his Youtube account with a motion comic feel that unveils bits of what’s coming for The Legend of Wonder Woman, and now I’m even more excited for this series. Take a look at this great trailer:

So here’s what we can look forward to:

  • A pegasus! Or, a winged horse, I suppose. I’m still not sure whether all winged horses are pegasuses or if it was just the one. Either way, they’re all sorts of rad.
  • KANGAS!! Nothing says Golden Age fun like Amazons riding kangas. Any story that can work in kangas, I am all for. It remains to be seen whether Wonder Woman will ride one into space like she did in the 1940s, but it’s fun to have them in the mix, no matter where they go.
  • The Holliday Girls! If you don’t love the Holliday Girls, then something is wrong with you. Etta Candy and the lot are fun loving, adventurous gals who are always up for sticking it to some bad guys. They’re Wonder Woman’s squad, if you will. More Holliday Girls is always a good thing.
  • Steve Trevor! He’s bland and kind of dull most of the time, but he serves a semi-important purpose and has been waiting for 75 years for someone to make him interesting. Maybe it’ll be Renae De Liz!
  • The setting? From the looks of the Holliday Girls’ dresses and a quick shot of a car, it seems that at least part of the series will be set in the past, perhaps in the World War Two era. There’s also what looks to be a panel of Diana as a nurse, in a similarly non-modern environment. I’m curious to see if this is the main setting for Wonder Woman after she leaves Themyscira, or just one of several time periods the book visits. De Liz has mentioned that it’ll be a pretty expansive run.

There are all kinds of other cool, little bits in the trailer, so take a close look and see what you can find. The previews of all of these moments have me looking forward to this series even more, and the stellar first issue bodes well for all of these elements being handled in fun, interesting ways. I can’t wait for next Thursday, and 25 more Thursdays after that!


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3 Responses to “The Legend Of Wonder Woman Trailer Reveals What’s Coming Up In The New Comic Series”

  1. Karl Disley Says:

    Wow well I certainly cannot wait for this now, with the sad departure of Sensation Comics this looks like it will fill the gap. Eagerly awaiting it,!

  2. theaveragereader22512 Says:

    Need this to be an ongoing. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  3. cdm20001 Says:

    After only one digital issue, as a lifelong Wonder Woman fan more longer than I care to admit, I must say I’m more excited about this series than I’ve been for a WW series since the Perez reboot in the 80’s. DC – please make this on ongoing series:

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