Wonder Woman #46 Preview OR The God of War vs. The God of Peace

Wonder Woman #46 comes out this Wednesday, online and in comic shops, continuing what has been a rather underwhelming arc thus far. This demigod dude named Aegeus has been trying to kill Wonder Woman and take her god of war mantle, but now he’s realized that that’s a terrible idea and wants Wonder Woman to help him escape the wrath of his benefactor, Eirene, the god of peace. DC has released a preview for the issue, so let’s take a look:






First off, that’s a terrible cover. Just ugly and rough looking and not at all pleasant. Covers are what sell the book to casual readers, and a cover like that would turn off any interest I had in the comic.

But hold on to your hats, gang, because I’m going to say something shocking: I think there’s a really clever idea in this preview. I like the notion that Diana, by not fully exercising her powers as the god of war, is harming Eirene, the god of peace, like she’s upset a balance and Eirene is bearing the brunt of it. That’s a cool idea. I have no faith that the creative team will handle it well, but it’s an interesting angle and one that’s fitting for the book. Ever since Wonder Woman’s become the god of war, she’s really not done anything with the new title, and now it seems that this has had repercussions. It could also explain future solicits where it looks like Ares is coming back. So yeah, I’m mildly curious? What a bizarre situation to be in.

Wonder Woman #46 is on sale this Wednesday! Maybe look for the Looney Tunes variant cover on this one, though.


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3 Responses to “Wonder Woman #46 Preview OR The God of War vs. The God of Peace”

  1. Karl Disley Says:

    The Diana in this issues certainly seems to be speaking like the old pre-52 version, all peaceful and trying to find equitable solutions instead if resorting to violence. I like it!

  2. janarrah Says:

    Except we forget the whole concept that Athena is Goddess of War, so there is absolutely no reason for Diana to assume the mantle, whatever that means (Killing War wasn’t enough? yet we were told it was).
    Honestly it doesn’t make a lot of sense. All of New 52 WW has been rife with plot holes and lack luster writing.. this is just more of the same. Time for a reboot DC. Well, it’s way past time for a reboot of Wonder Woman. She needs a fresh direction, a rogue’s gallery that matters (not more disposable one-shot villains and Gods) and she needs to make sense again.

  3. solletaire Says:

    I have to admit that this preview is the best one since the Finches took over. I am mildly curious, but not enough to actually buy the book.

    I am also not a fan of the art. It’s very meh, same old, same old, nothing new here… which is the second biggest thing that bugs me most about this run… it’s so steeped in traditional superhero comics (the first being the excessive amount of violence)…

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