The Legend of Wonder Woman #3 Review: It’s Out Early This Week!


In a special American Thanksgiving treat for the whole world, The Legend of Wonder Woman #3 is out two days early this week. Thanks, America! The folks at DC wisely figured that folks might be busy eating piles of turkey and not be able to get to comic book fun, so they put the book out on Tuesday. This series is fast becoming one of my favourite books, so I’m all for the change. Though now it means I’ll have to wait nine days for the fourth issue! Dang.

And things are getting awesome, too. Diana’s got a weapon! She’s going to learn to fight! But all of the fighting in this issue was done by Alcippe; Diana is still just a girl with the heart of a warrior, but none of the skills yet. Plus, even the most hardened warrior would have a tough job with a manticore! That thing’s got an acid stinger.

Renae De Liz has building to this dark creature over the course of her first three issues, with Diana sensing a dark presence on Themyscira. The Amazons and even her mother dismissed her concerns, but we the readers knew she was onto something; it helps that we know she’s going to become Wonder Woman, and are thus inclined to trust her. And now we’ve got a look at the darkness, or a small part thereof. I’m curious to see if the battle against the dark fog runs through the entire book, or will just be an arc. Either way, I am intrigued, and looking forward to Diana and her new pal Alcippe getting to the heart of what’s behind it.

We had a peek at Alcippe last week, training some of her fellow Amazons and busting them up quite handily. We don’t know much about her yet, and she’s got a bit of a stoic warrior vibe, but what do know says a lot. First, she keeps a watch on things; Diana snuck out of the city slyly, but when things went bad, Alcippe was there right away. She’s vigilant. No other Amazons showed up, and it seems that many of her sisters are complacent in their island life. Second, she believes Diana because she also feels the darkness on this island. Alcippe is in tune with their world, and also wise enough to listen recognize that in Diana, even though she’s just a kid.

As for Diana, she’s learning a lot too. Going out to explore the island was bold, but she was also not yet equipped to handle what she found. She tried to use her royal power to force Alcippe to train her, but when that failed she learned that she didn’t need to throw her title around, only to show who she was and the truth of her feelings. A lot of these first few issues seems to be about how Diana’s destiny lies outside of the royal palace of Themyscira.

The story is moving along, and very enjoyably so, but let’s talk about De Liz’s art for a moment. She draws a wonderful, magical Themyscira, an adorably fierce Diana, and varied, strong Amazons, but she’s also got some clever moves. The scene with the manticore, specifically the beginning, is really nicely done, first with the blackness taking over the page, and then with the manticore’s disembodied head appearing. He looks so calm and serene, and at first I was intrigued rather than concerned; I thought this might be a deity with a message for Diana or some such. But nope, De Liz quickly transitions into a full reveal and it’s a monster. I loved how that scene unfolded.

So basically, you should definitely be reading this book, if not online than in print when it starts this January. It’s so much fun, and exactly the kind of Wonder Woman book I want to read. The next digital issue will be out next Thursday, while the print edition is in stores January 13. Get on it!


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