Set Photos Appear to Confirm First World War Setting for the Wonder Woman Movie

The rumour that Wonder Woman will be partially set during World War One has been making the rounds for a while and with the movie now filming, some set photos seem to confirm this. The Wonder Woman crew was in Southend, Essex, recently, shooting along the Thames with scores of extras, and everything looks very old timey. The vibe is very 1910s rather than 1930s/40s. It looks like director Patty Jenkins is taking Wonder Woman back even before her original comic book origin.

Here are a few of the set photos, featuring Gal Gadot in civilian clothing rather than her Wonder Woman outfit (and a modern jacket, because presumably it was chilly that day) and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor looking very turn out the century-like. I’ve posted three here, but The Daily Mail has many more, most of them variations of these:




So, World War One. It’s kind of weird, because it’s not part of the character’s history in the slightest. It seems like they’re going for a wise immortal angle with the cinematic Wonder Woman; she’ll be far older than Batman or Superman in the present day, by at least a century if not more. That will give her a certain weight and importance, which is kind of cool, and I’m hoping they play that up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and she’s the one who comes in to break up the bro spat.

At the same time, I think it could also be a misstep. It could all play out beautifully, of course, but I think for DC’s first major cinematic hero, something more identifiable might be better. I feel like a younger, new-to-the-scene Wonder Woman might better catch on with viewers, particularly kids, than an immortal who’s been around for ages. Wise, immortal Wonder Woman sounds sort of serious, while a fresher take on the character could be more fun. It could work like gangbusters, though. There’s no use second guessing until we see how it turns out.

My best guess about why Wonder Woman is in World War One specifically is that Marvel already cornered the market on World War Two with Captain America: The First Avenger. World War Two is the scene of Wonder Woman’s classic origin; much like Cap, Wonder Woman was going after Hitler before America entered the war, too. But with Captain America so steeped in that environment, DC probably didn’t want to look like copycats so they bumped Wonder Woman’s origins back a war. Plus, that plays into the whole established immortal scene, if that’s what they’re going for, because now she’s even older.

Filming of Wonder Woman continues in England, and probably will for some time. The rumours were that the film is only partially set in the past, so let’s keep our eyes peeled for some present day set photos, and Paradise Island, of course. I’m particularly curious about the latter.


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4 Responses to “Set Photos Appear to Confirm First World War Setting for the Wonder Woman Movie”

  1. green Says:

    That is why is good to be the first doing things.
    DC just lost the chance of WW2 and wonder owman. WW1 is dope for me. WW2 play the right themes racism,facism,.

  2. Max Says:

    I think they chose WWI for other reasons beyond just making it distinctive from Captain America. They can connect it to the women’s suffrage movement which could make Wonder Woman’s connection to her feminist icon status even stronger. I think it’s a spectacular idea and I definitely prefer a wiser, more worldly Diana. Let her be more wide eyed and fish-out-of-water during WWI so in the present, we get a superhero alpha who knows her way around.

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