Women In Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, October 2015 In Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up at Bleeding Cool yesterday, and it’s got the usual DC and Marvel fun plus the beginning of our semi-annual check-in with other publishers further down the chart.

DC Comics’ overall percentage of female creators rose nearly 3% in October, hitting 15.8%, while Marvel slipped down almost 4% to 13.6% overall. Both totals are decent relative to each publisher’s past history, but lower than their most recent highs; just two months ago, both DC and Marvel topped 16%.

We also stopped by Image Comics, which ticked up slightly since our last visit six months ago to 15.2% female creators overall. IDW slipped down 2% to 14.4%, and Dark Horse fell very slightly to 16.3%. All of these total are firmly in the mid-range of comic book publishers right now. There are a few who can’t get out of single digits, and a few who post 20% or more female creators each month. These publishers, currently the Top Five in the direct market, are very middle of the road. Things could be worse, but they’re all capable of better.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the numbers and analysis!


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