Is Wonder Woman and Superman’s Romantic Relationship Over for Good?


Wonder Woman and Superman got together a few years back in Justice League #12, and not much good has come of it since. They launched their own series in which Wonder Woman has played a constant second fiddle role and, with all the drama Superman’s been going through from the Doomsday virus to his identity being exposed, Wonder Woman’s hasn’t had much to do across the entire Superman line but be a concerned girlfriend. It’s bled over elsewhere too; DC’s line of animated movies has been building the romance, resulting in some truly terrible scenes, including an awkward standoff between Lois and Diana. The relationship just hasn’t been handled well on any front.

We’ve been seeing some cracks lately, though. Superman’s become a Super-jerk in the wake of his identity reveal and is treating everyone he knows poorly, including his girlfriend. A couple of months back, he outright told her, “I don’t know if I love you anymore,” and they sort of broke up but it was more of a postponing the conversation scene. They backburnered their relationship rather than fully breaking up.

But now, we’ve got a big hint that they may be done for good. There’s a new interview on Newsarama with Gene Luen Yang, the writer of Superman and the architect of the current identity reveal arc and it’s reverberations throughout the Superman line. When asked whether he’ll address the couple in the book, Yang responded:

Yes, absolutely. Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship is obviously central to the Superman/Wonder Woman book. Pete Tomasi is a great writer, and he’s taking the bulk of that. He’s dealing with most of that.

But Wonder Woman is such an important character to Superman, both as a colleague in the Justice League and as a former romantic partner.

Calling Wonder Woman “a former romantic partner” suggests that they are done for good and that our long national nightmare is over, finally. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out across the books, but if the chief writer of the Super-books says they’re finished, that’s a pretty good sign. Superman hasn’t been in the main Wonder Woman series for a while either, which may be telling. Hopefully DC’s moved on from this plotline, and they’ll find something better to do with Wonder Woman.

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7 Responses to “Is Wonder Woman and Superman’s Romantic Relationship Over for Good?”

  1. Mary Says:

    Oh God Tim…don’t tempt fate. DC has been remarkedly stubborn with this horrible relationship and we’ve suffered long enough. Dare we actually hope it’s over?

    Is it too much to ask for an issue with Wonder Woman and Lois going out for drinks, taking shots and going “oh thank god. Can we just be friends now? Will these middle aged men stop trying to write us into awkward stand offs over a man? ”

    Then they can laugh about the fact that he cries during sex. “Did he do that weird thing where he cried and said he was so moved? “. “You too? Oh God it’s so weird.”

  2. solletaire Says:

    Kind of nice to hear… that relationship was so awkward and emotionless… ughh… still not sure what the point of them being together was, aside from launching the Superman/Wonder Woman title…

    Now if only we could get a new creative team for Wonder Woman, make P.J. Tomasi realize he is writing Wonder Woman and not Batman for his team-up book… Get Wonder Woman into a less embarrassing costume…. Give Wonder Woman a personality for a change… Such a long road ahead 🙂

    Too bad I don’t trust the brains over at DC to accomplish much of anything with WW 😦

  3. Cow Commando Says:

    Super bummed that on top of all, it’s Superman who dumped Wonder Woman. Speaking for myself, I couldn’t have possibly hated this relationship more, I’ve hated it thoroughly, since day 1.

    And the way she took the breakup was absolutely cringeworthy, didn’t bat an eyelash, left behind Superman like a dog tailing its master, truly repulsive stuff.

  4. veronica Says:

    On JL wonder woman say that sh eisn’t in love with superman and almost kiss steve

    smww ending would be so great

  5. Thomas Njenga Says:

    To me supes and wonder woman seems strange I prefer him being with loise

  6. Saint-Amy Says:

    Well, Superman is back with Lois Lane. As well kind and loving Superman.

  7. Rose Says:

    Thank god that mess of a relationship is ober.

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