Wonder Woman Has Her Own Batman v Superman Poster And It Is RAD

I’ve been out and about all day and just got home, and I saw that there were new Batman v Superman posters. The Batman one? Meh. The Superman one? Not that exciting. The Wonder Woman one? I AM ALL ABOUT IT. Holy wow look at this:


I love it. It’s bad ass and cool and awesome. I’m 100% going to buy one and hang it proudly in my home. I’m still fairly certain that the movie is going to suck, but Wonder Woman looks pretty amazing and I’m definitely going to drop a small fortune in the new year on all of the Wonder Woman merchandise that’s going to come out of this movie.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman Has Her Own Batman v Superman Poster And It Is RAD”

  1. JanArrah Says:

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. Drop the sword, pick up the lasso and it’s Wonder Woman.
    Wonder Woman with a sword and shield may look all cool and sell her “warrior” concept, but it’s as useless and unnecessary as a Green Lantern with a gun. Sure it might sell the concept of warrior (or in GL’s case, soldier), but when you have one of the most powerful weapons in the universe at your disposal.. it’s just stupid revert to a mortal weapon anyone can use.

  2. Jenn Walsh Says:

    Ditto!!!!! Love the poster, excited for the merch, but resigned to the fact that the movie will probably not be great.

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