The Legend of Wonder Woman #9 Review: Shocking Twists!


Last week’s issue had a surprise that wasn’t really a surprise; it was a surprise for the characters, with Diana secretly entering and then winning Hippolyta’s tournament to find an Amazon champion to determine the fate of Steve Trevor, but anyone with any familiarity at all with Wonder Woman’s origin knew how that would turn out. Her winning the tournament is kind of key to the mythos. This week has some surprises for the reader as well, with a cool twist on Diana’s departure from Themyscira.

But first, some heartwarming fun. Diana winning the tournament is exactly what she and her mother needed to bring them together, despite the fact that it immediately led to their separation. Hippolyta seeing her daughter in action, being the hero she want meant to be, seemed to click something in her mind and she realized that her overprotectiveness and fear was unwarranted. Diana was going to take her own path and that was okay. The series thus far has done a wonderful job exploring their relationship, particularly Hippolyta’s motherly concerns that were exacerbated by her immortal status and Diana’s mortal life. Setting Diana on the path to becoming an immortal like her was Hippolyta’s primary concern, but with her tournament performance Hippolyta realized that not only that Diana needed to follow her own path but that she would excel at said path.

Their conversation after the tournament was very sweet, and a nice subversion of expectations. Given Hippolyta’s adamant desire that Diana stay out of the tournament, one could easily expect her to be angry and outraged afterward, but she wasn’t in the slightest. She was concerned for her daughter, but at the same time she also accepted that this was the path Diana was going to take.

Then we got to the really fun stuff: Diana leaving Themyscira! Renae De Liz set it up in a cool, new way, with Diana departing to take Steve past the barrier that hides Themyscira from the rest of the world. It was just a day trip, really, though Hippolyta was clearly suspicious that it could be more and outfitted Diana with all of the classic elements of the Wonder Woman costume for her protection. The simple plan of Diana and Steve just taking a boat out to where he could be rescued was the first interesting twist.

The second was the interference of a sea monster and Poseidon. After the monster capsized their boat, Diana found herself in Boston harbour, without Steve and far, far away from home. In most Wonder Woman origin stories, the duo hop in the invisible jet and fly back to America together, but this version is more chaotic. First, Diana wasn’t expecting to end up in America AT ALL, and second, she doesn’t even know what America is; the Amazons’ understanding of the outside world is extremely limited. This is the complete opposite of her usual carefully planned departure, and opens up some very cool possibilities for the story moving forward. She was always a fish out of water in past versions, but now that should be ramped up considerably.

Plus, it’s 1944! Based on the preview trailer from a while back, it definitely looked like the book was going to be set in the World War 2 era, but now we know for sure. It will be fun to have a new take on Wonder Woman set in this classic era. And even better, the cover for the next few issues has the Holliday Girls!

This series continues to be the best take on Wonder Woman I’ve read in some time, with a fantastic blend of old and new, and this issue does that very well. Good mother/daughter moments plus fun twists on classic Wonder Woman elements are always a win for me, plus De Liz has done a great job of making each digital issue important and compelling while crafting a book that should read well when collected in the print edition. Speaking of which, the first print issue is out next week! Have you pre-ordered it yet? Are you planning to pick it up? You should; DC’s not been promoting it very much, so it would be great if we could show them that lots of people love this series. Plus it’s got a killer Dustin Nguyen variant cover! Get on it.


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