The Legend of Wonder Woman #10 Review: THE HOLLIDAY GIRLS!


First off, did you all hit your local comic shop yesterday and buy the print version of The Legend of Wonder Woman #1? Renae De Liz recently mentioned on Twitter that she’s pitched a sequel, and for that to happen the book will need to do well, so let’s get on it and show DC that we want more of this Wonder Woman and her world. It’s so much more enjoyable than what she’s up to currently in DC’s main line.

Now to the issue at hand. When we left Diana last week, her ship had been attacked by a sea monster while she escorted Steve Trevor away from Themyscira, and someone who looked a lot like Poseidon stepped in and took her to Boston. This week, Diana is in the care of an elderly couple; the husband picked up Diana in his fishing boat, and the wife cared for her for days while she slept off her injuries.

The issue is a very quiet one. There are no fight scenes, no hustle and bustle of fish-out-of-water Diana wandering through a big city, no awe at skyscrapers and cars. In most of Wonder Woman’s origin stories, her first moments in America are urban chaos. Here, it’s just a small home by the sea and a kindly, talkative old woman who’s finally found someone to listen to her.

It’s an interesting choice, and one that works well. It’s always fun to zig when readers are expecting you to zag, and ending an issue with Boston and then starting the next issue in a remote home a few miles down shore was a big twist. I also like that the woman’s lengthy monologue, with occasional interjections from her husband, presented such a different account of the world than what Diana would have expected. She’d been raised to think that the outside world was a horrific place, torn apart by war and hate and cruelty, and here she ends up with a cute old couple who bicker but love each other dearly, and a grandmother talking about her grandson. Diana woke up in a place of kindness and love, and got a perspective on the world she may have missed in the hubbub of a big city. It wasn’t the most action packed issue, but we don’t always need action and I think that Diana’s time with the couple will inform how she sees this world in significant ways. While she still senses darkness in the world, now she knows that there is goodness too.

And then, after she left their home, the issue ended with Diana arriving at Holliday College, where a gal named Etta Candy is running for Summer Queen. We don’t get to see much of the Holliday Girls yet, but the final page reveal is a delightful tease. There are few things in the Wonder Woman mythos I love more than the Holliday Girls, especially in their earliest incarnations. Back in the original comics, the Holliday Girls get onboard with Wonder Woman right away, befriending her and teaming up with her to fight all manner of villain. They wholly embrace Wonder Woman’s message of female strength and power, and embody the benefits of looking up to Wonder Woman as an example of how to live. Plus they’re hilarious and fun (and weirdly kinky, though so was everyone in the Marston era). I can’t wait to see them more in the weeks to come.

The book also began with the tease of a possible new villain when a young man named Thomas Byde, grieving the death of his brother, gets lured by dark forces into jumping off a cliff. The details are few, but the scene is set up as a dream that wakes Diana as a start, and I assume that the force behind it all is connected to the war and the darkness in the world, and I’m wondering if it has something to do with the creepy dude we saw on Themyscira earlier in the run. Time will tell!

Next week is the Holliday Girls, and that alone would have me keen to keep reading, but there are lots of other intriguing elements in the mix as well. I’m excited to see what happens next!


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5 Responses to “The Legend of Wonder Woman #10 Review: THE HOLLIDAY GIRLS!”

  1. Jan Arrah (@JanArrah) Says:

    I agree… this issue was beautiful in it’s simplicity and it’s quiet moment after a storm. I honestly think we, and Diana, needed this..

    Couple things.. Diana gets ANOTHER article of her arsenal from this loving couple.. she gets an American flag, which will obviously be used for her costume later on. In a way to honor this family and their son that sacrificed so much.. It also shows Diana figuring out the evil that is infecting Themyscira (which will probably be.. Hitler.. probably pushed by Ares, but still.. Hitler and WWII) as things continue.

    I only just wish.. They had told Diana their name were Prince, so she’d use that for her secret ID in the future.. because I think a Secret ID is integral and important to Wonder Woman.. Otherwise, she can’t work.. She doesn’t get these quiet moments where people treat her like a normal girl.. they only treat her like a superhero..

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Oh, good call on the flag. I didn’t even think of that. How cool. And I agree that it would have been cool if the couple were the Princes, but I’m okay if they go an anonymous route with it too, just a couple of kind folks as Diana’s introduction to the rest of humanity.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think the elderly couple are Steve’s grandparents. They were probably informed that Steve was MIA, and they naturally just assumed that he’s dead.

    Can’t wait for the Holliday girls!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I liked that this issue seemed to move like a storyboard for a TV show. Though that maybe just me wishing that this could be translated into cartoon format with its colors and dynamic panels even in stiller issues like this one

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