BvS Wonder Woman Barbie Available For Pre-order; Offers New Details on her Film Origins


We got a sneak peak at the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Barbie doll of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman last summer, and now the doll is available for pre-order at the Barbie Collection website. It’s not too pricey either, coming in at $39.95 US; it’s not cheap by any means, but it’s not overly expensive. It looks pretty cool, too! The colours are nice and bright, she’s got her lasso, sword, and shield, and it looks like there’s a lot of articulation on the doll. I haven’t played with Barbies in a long time, but if I correctly remember the ones my sister had, they were pretty stiff, and only moved at the shoulder and hip joints. This Wonder Woman doll appears to have elbow and knee joints, rotation in the upper arm, and perhaps even some hand turning articulation.

The Barbie Collection site offers a closer look at the doll; the photos are very detailed, and allow you to zoom in close to see the impressive detail. The leather in her sash, for example, is nicely textured, as is her skirt, and the shield is very detailed. It looks like they’ve done a lovely job with her. Also, if all of the dolls retain that hair flip, I’ll be super impressed. One thing I do remember from my sister’s Barbies is that their hair could go real wonky.

The official description for the Wonder Woman doll also provides some insight into her cinematic origins. It reads:

The wild card in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™, Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus and an Amazonian princess! Sculpted and costumed just like the movie character, she’s fully articulated and ready to fight with her sword, shield, and her iconic “magic” lasso. Knee-high boots, armored bracelets, and a headdress complete her warrior’s attire.

So that’s another confirmation on the daughter of Zeus angle; it seems that the movies are definitely going with her New 52 origin, which is disappointing but expected. The real surprise is that they call Diana the daughter of “an Amazonian princess”, when in every incarnation of the character she’s the daughter of an Amazonian queen. It may just be a mistake, or a miscommunication, because Wonder Woman is the one who is the Amazon princess. Or perhaps, given that Wonder Woman is going to be 5,000 years old, maybe her mother Hippolyta WAS a princess when she had Diana and later ascended to become queen. Whatever this Barbie packaging may say, all of the coverage surrounding Connie Nielsen’s recent casting as Hippolyta referred to her as a queen, so that will likely be her role.

EDITED TO ADD: As Marty points out in the comments, the Amazonian princess bit may just be poor phrasing. So, instead of being the daughter of Zeus and the daughter of an Amazonian princess, Diana might be the daughter of Zeus AS WELL AS being an Amazonian princess, leaving Hippolyta out of it completely.  Which makes much more sense.

The Barbie Collection site says that the Wonder Woman doll will ship by March 1, so it should start hitting stores relatively soon. And I’m hearing word that Wonder Woman figures from Batman v Superman‘s other toy lines have been arriving on store shelves, though they’re selling out quickly. I’ve yet to see any at the major department stores here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but I think we’re pretty low on the distribution chain. I hope you’ve saved your pennies for this onslaught of Wonder Woman merchandise! I try to practical with my money and all, but I’m probably going to end up buying every single Wonder Woman toy I see. Just wait until next year when she’s got her own movie toy line! I’m going to go broke.


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4 Responses to “BvS Wonder Woman Barbie Available For Pre-order; Offers New Details on her Film Origins”

  1. Marty Says:

    Another thought is that if you put an Oxford comma after the word Zeus it becomes clear that they are taking about two things that she is: The daughter of Zeus, and an Amazon Process.

  2. JanArrah Says:

    Looks so odd how serene and pretty she is.. and then she has a sword ready to chop off your head.
    Also wish the “skirt” was a tad longer.. I’ll stick with my classic Wonder Woman Barbie. And once again.. lament the fact that DC is going to slaughter one of the greatest characters ever created and abandon every aspect that made her unique and different from everything else out there. Wonder Woman should never, ever feel like a Xena knock-off or a Red Sonja knock-off.. and yet, she does.. *sighs*

  3. The_Comixeur Says:

    She’s got shorts on, under the pteryges! She’s an Amazon. She’ll be okay…I swear.

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