The Legend of Wonder Woman #13 Review: A Crossover Guest Star!


So far in The Legend of Wonder Woman, we’ve seen the return of some classic Golden Age Wonder Woman characters who have been shelved or altered from their original form in DC’s comics for some time. We’ve got an iconic, fun loving Etta Candy, cracking wise and hanging out with the Holliday Girls. We’ve got the Duke of Deception with a creepy new look, stalking the battlefields of Europe and stirring up horrors. But now, in this week’s digital first issue of The Legend of Wonder Woman, we’ve got a guest star we’re used to seeing In Metropolis, not Boston.

After Diana and the Holliday Girls headed into Boston for a day of errands and shopping, Diana and Etta stopped by the National Discoverer offices so that Diana could ask about the Duke of Deception story she and Etta read in last week’s issue. The editor pointed her towards the story’s writer, and it turned out to be none other than Perry White! Usually the editor of the Daily Planet, sending Lois Lane and Clark Kent out to cover big stories, here Perry is still a reporter, and the only one at the National Discoverer who’s serious enough about his job to actually go to the front lines in Europe and do proper research.

Perry gives Diana some additional information about the Duke of Deception, confirming her suspicion that the Duke has her mother’s amulet and that some ill has befallen Hippolyta and the Amazons. Perry also talked about his desire to leave the National Discoverer in order to “break out of the tabloids and start a respectable newspaper of my own,” a likely reference to his future at the Daily Planet. Because I’m a super huge nerd who likes to overthink things, I’m now wondering what the superhero scene might be in Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon’s world? Is there a Superman in Metropolis, with Clark Kent working at the Daily Star? Is there a Batman in Gotham? Are the Justice Society fighting the Nazis?

I know it’s a Wonder Woman book, and she’ll be the focus throughout; I’m just curious about the wider world. As a big fan of what De Liz and Dillon have done with this story, it would be fun to see more of this universe. In particular, I’d love to see a classic Justice Society team up! Wonder Woman’s role in the 1940s Justice Society was kind of lame; she was their secretary, and didn’t participate in many adventures (largely because William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter were busy doing Wonder Woman stories for three different series, and were too protective of their character to let anyone else write and draw her in All Star Comics). Given the fantasticness of De Liz and Dillon’s Golden Age revamp so far, rectifying this missed opportunity from 75 years ago would be a lot of fun.

But I digress. After the fun Perry White cameo, Diana is more adamant than ever that she needs to go to Europe to track down the Duke of Deception. Etta, of course, does her best to convince her that this is a horrible idea, and her new plan is to scare Diana straight with some newsreels at the local theater, which we’ll see next week. I doubt that will go well for Etta, but it’s sweet that she cares.

I’ve enjoyed this pause in the action as Diana acclimates to America, and having Etta around is the best; her confrontation with the National Discoverer‘s editor over a mysterious ad in which she’s featured was hilarious. Nonetheless, the news of the Duke of Deception wreaking havoc in Europe has me as antsy as Diana for her to go over and take him down. Quite fittingly, too. It’s fun to be in the same boat as Diana, and I like that De Liz is building the anticipation. Plus, as keen as I am for Diana to emerge as Wonder Woman, I don’t want to leave Etta and the Holliday Girls behind quite yet. Though they could come to Europe too, as they did in the Golden Age! There are so many fun ways this story could go.


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3 Responses to “The Legend of Wonder Woman #13 Review: A Crossover Guest Star!”

  1. R A Y | D I L L O N (@RayDillon) Says:

    I absolutely love reading a review from someone who thoroughly GETS what this book is. You’ve picked up on basically every subtle detail Renae and I talked about in the creation of this. Thanks so much, Tim! 😀

  2. theaveragereader22512 Says:

    DE Liz has propose to DC to let her do the JLA in this Style “the legend of…” expanding this universe which I would love to see.

    When you said guess star I thought you met the guy on the comic book rack Diana passed, but I am curious too, are the JSA on this earth? Are the Freedom fighters?

    While I am loving these moments where she is learning about America I can’t wait to see how she gets to France. I thought for sure she was gonna get a ride with Perry

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