The Legend of Wonder Woman #14 Review: A Familiar Face Returns


Usually when I review The Legend of Wonder Woman I like to focus on one aspect of each issue and talk about it somewhat in depth, but I loved so many things about this week’s installment that I’m going to do a bunch of quick hit thoughts. Diana’s time in America continues, with her jonesing to get to the battlefields of Europe; there’s been no real action for several issues now, which should be getting irksome but it’s not at all because the book is so delightful and is building to its inevitable epic conflict so well. She’ll be in Europe soon and it will be crazy and cool, I’m sure. But for now, Diana chilling in America with Etta is a blast.

So let’s go through some key and fun moments from this issue:

1) Diana loves popcorn! It’s not integral to the story, but it’s amusing. Also, Renae De Liz is really good at drawing people eating. That’s a tricky thing to get right, but she’s gets it right and hilarious:


2) Kudos to Ray Dillon for the colouring on the war film reel. His colour work on the main story has been great, but with the film reel he really captures that grainy feel and does a nice job with the black and white. The line work is more comic booky, woven together in cool ways that wouldn’t, without colours, scream “film reel”, but the colour work sells it perfectly.

3) I love that Diana thinks movies are some sort of sorcery, and even more than that I love her reaction to seeing William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She’s outraged by the story’s depiction of Hippolyta, furious that it reduced the warrior queen to romantic weakling. It’s a funny moment, but I also think it’s a significant character moment for Diana. She’s upset that this is how the world remembers her mother and the Amazons, and I think this may spur her to be an exemplar of Amazon strength and values for the world moving forward, to restore a true picture of who the Amazons are in the eyes of the world.

4) I think that the soldier about to ship off to the war is Jonathan Kent. He’s called Kent, and it looks like the letter he’s writing begins “Dear Martha.” With Perry White already part of this world, it’s cool to see another Superman reference. It also tells us a bit more about this world; if that’s a young Jonathan Kent, Superman must be a couple decades away, at least. Interesting. I really hope that De Liz gets the chance to explore her wider world in a sequel.

5) The scene at the recruiting office perfectly captures what’s so good about this series. Diana confronting the colonel about women not being allowed to fight is amusing because the colonel is so clearly scared of her, but it’s also so true to her character. Diana is DEAD SERIOUS about it, espousing the strength of women and decrying this patriarchal society, allowing De Liz to make some strong points in an entertaining way.

6) Etta is a great friend. When Diana finally tells her more about her mother and the Duke of Deception and why she wants to go Europe, Etta’s response is, “Hey, now, don’t you worry, Diana. You’re kind of talking crazy, but I’m here to help.” She then promises to help figure out a way to get Diana to Europe. Everybody needs a friend like Etta, who trusts them and supports them no matter what because they know their heart.

7) We finally see the ad that Etta’s been worrying about for several issues! De Liz has been building it up for some time, to the point that I wasn’t sure that seeing the ad would actually deliver; my expectations were so high. But it delivers, in spades. Etta is right to be so upset!

8) Steve is back! It’s not a real surprise; I don’t think that anyone thought he was really dead. First, it’s a comic book after all; no one stays dead! And second, he’s Steve Trevor. He’s a key piece of the mythos. And maybe now will be Diana’s ticket to Europe? It’ll all depend how much, if anything, he remembers from his time with the Amazons. Next week’s issue should be an interesting one.

This book is so very enjoyable. I love everything that De Liz and Dillon are doing with it, and it’s so much fun to read it every week. By the way, the first two print issues are out, so go buy them! And some copies for your friends! Do you have a kids, or nieces and nephews? Get some for them too; it’s kid friendly but fun for adults too. Just go buy it!


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One Response to “The Legend of Wonder Woman #14 Review: A Familiar Face Returns”

  1. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    This was probably my favorite issue to date. It took a little while for me to warm up to this series, but I’m so glade I stuck with it, because now I absolutely love it.

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