New Wonder Woman Toys Unveiled At Toy Fair (And I Want Them All)

Toy Fair was this weekend in New York, the annual event where all of the biggest toy companies get together to unveil the many awesome new toys they’ll be putting on the market in the coming year. I LOVE following Toy Fair weekend. I’m all about action figures, and seeing the online galleries of so many cool new toy lines is always a blast. My wish list is now rather lengthy, and includes a variety of new Wonder Woman figures.

The past few Toy Fairs have been a little bit quiet on the Wonder Woman front, but with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set to hit theaters soon and her own movie on the way for 2017, she seems to be starting a bit of a toy renaissance. So let’s take a look at some of the new Wonder Woman figures that are coming soon.

We’ll start with this Wonder Woman from DC Collectibles’ Icons line. Somewhat ridiculously, Wonder Woman is the NINETEENTH figure in this line; DC somehow thought that 18 other characters were more iconic that her? Come on. But Wonder Woman is finally part of the line, with a cool looking figure:


The figure is based on Ivan Reis’ design from the Justice League “Amazo Virus” storyline, and I’m digging it; it’s the same costume that Jason Fabok’s been drawing in Justice League since and I like it a lot. The figure also comes with her golden lasso, a shield, a sword, and alternate hands. It’s set to retail for $28 US, and I am totally going to get one.

Next up is a Wonder Woman three pack, also from DC Collectibles:


These are all figures that have appeared in some capacity before, and are being tweaked and reissued. You get the Modern Age Wonder Woman, based on Terry Dodson’s art from her mid-2000s relaunch, a classic Golden Age Wonder Woman based on H.G. Peter’s original design for the character, and the New 52 Wonder Woman (which I think is based on her New 52 Jim Lee designed figure except with a new head sculpt).

DC Collectibles continues the fun by moving into DC’s movie properties for the first time, including this Batman v Superman Wonder Woman figure:


This is about the hundredth Batman v Superman Wonder Woman figure, but it looks pretty nice and detailed, with multiple points of articulation. Faora, the Kryptonian villain from Man of Steel is part of the line as well, which is fun; Faora is one of the few characters that I enjoyed in that movie. But there’s no Lois Lane as of yet!

DC Collectibles also announced a slew of new figures based on Darwyn Cooke’s art that includes Wonder Woman, but I haven’t seen any pictures of them apart from the Catwoman figure. Sometimes companies embargo certain toys they don’t want to reveal quite yet.

The Tonner Doll Company unveiled some new dolls inspired by DC’s Bombshells line, and Wonder Woman is in the mix:


It’s a nice looking doll, though very pricey: This Wonder Woman will sell for $170 US, and is somehow one of the cheaper dolls in the line.

Finally, Funko revealed a new line of 5″ inch vinyl dolls under a new line called Rock Candy that includes a wide variety of DC ladies, including both the movie and comic book Wonder Woman:


These look pretty fun. I generally don’t love the big head, little body doll look, and some of the poses in this line are a little more pin-up than superhero, but there are some rad characters in the mix here that look cool. The Wonder Womans are decent, and there’s a Supergirl figure that looks great as well as a very awesome Batgirl of Burnside. I’m going to want a bunch of these. Also, I like that Funko is starting this new line with DC heroines.

Those are all of the new Wonder Woman toys that I spied, but it was a HUGE show so some probably fell through the cracks. Start saving up your money now, gang, because it looks like it’s going to be an expensive year to be a Wonder Woman enthusiast!


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3 Responses to “New Wonder Woman Toys Unveiled At Toy Fair (And I Want Them All)”

  1. Wolf Says:

    I want that three-pack, solely for the Terry Dodson WW. That figure is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive on the secondary market, and I deeply regret not picking it up at the time.
    As for the New 52 one, that figure was issued with two separate heads — I think the seond one was released to match the art in the Trinity War crossover series. I’m not 100% certain, but I think this reissue has the original head included, as in the WW/Katana 2-pack.

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