The Legend of Wonder Woman #15 Review: Off To The War!


I figured that last week’s return of Steve Trevor to the book would mean he’d provide an avenue for Diana to go to Europe, and that’s just how things worked out. When Diana told Steve about wanting to help with the war effort, he pointed her in the direction of the volunteer nurses, one of the few options for women to get near the front lines of the war. Diana was all over it, and now she’s sailing across the ocean to finally face off against the Duke of Deception.

But that was the end of the issue, so let’s backtrack a bit. Steve’s home in America and he’s now a national hero for surviving his plane crash; Etta recognized him straight away, then peppered him with questions in typical Etta fashion. He doesn’t recall what happened after his crash other than a hazy memory of someone watching over him, and while Diana strikes him as vaguely familiar he can’t quite place her. The post-Themyscira memory loss hit him pretty good. Nonetheless, he’s clearly drawn to Diana, and will undoubtedly turn up again once everyone’s in Europe, I’m sure.

And by everyone, I mean everyone: Etta’s going too! She got booked to entertain the troops and is coming along for the ride, which delights me to no end. First, I love that this book focuses so much on Diana and Etta’s friendship. It’s comprised the core of the past several issues, and looks like it will continue to be a big part of the series moving forward. Renae De Liz could have made Etta a much smaller character, a bit of comic relief while Diana gets used to America, but she’s made her an integral part of the book. They’ve developed a great relationship, and it will be fun to see what they get up to in Europe.

Second, Etta coming along harkens back to the Golden Age, where Etta and the Holliday Girls followed Wonder Woman everywhere via the invisible jet, space kangas, and other bizarre modes of transport. De Liz and Dillon’s world is a little more grounded than the zany fun originally created by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter; Diana and Etta are travelling by good old fashioned steamship here instead of some wacky contrivance. But the core of the story, of women working together to take down the bad guys, remains as true now with this book as it was in Wonder Woman’s Golden Age.

Finally, so many comics have Wonder Woman as a solo operator. On the rare occasions that she does have much in the way of a supporting female cast, they often get left behind or shuttled to the sidelines when danger arises. It remains to be seen how much of a role Etta will have on the battlefields of Europe; she may well be busy with that hussy Pamela Smuthers’ intercontinental smear campaign. But knowing Etta, if Diana ends up in danger, I imagine Etta will find a way to be by her friend’s side.

With Diana on her way to the battlefield, The Legend of Wonder Woman is poised to move into a new gear as she tracks down the Duke of Deception. I’ve really enjoyed the time the series spent in America, and I think it was important in a lot of ways for Diana as a character. Plus all of the Etta fun was rad. Now that Diana has her bearings in the world of men a bit, the story is in a good spot to move to the final act, and I’m glad that De Liz and Dillon took the time to set everything up. If they’d gone straight from Themyscira to the war, Diana might not have much of a reason to stay in the outside world, but now she’s invested and will thus (probably) stick around after confronting the Duke. I’m looking forward to seeing the gals’ new adventures in Europe next week!


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3 Responses to “The Legend of Wonder Woman #15 Review: Off To The War!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love Etta in this series, but I find Diana to be a bit too cold to her. I understand that she is still adjusting to the world outside of Themyscira and isn’t fully ready to open up. I’m sure Diana will warm up eventually, and the friendship will blossom. But in the meantime, Etta is devoting a lot of her time, energy and loyalty (as well as now risking her safety by following Diana into a warzone), while Diana herself is not offering Etta much in return.

    • Jeppe Dittmer Says:

      I gotta agree with that. I really love this version of Etta Candy, and I like the series better with each issue, but it did struck me too that Etta seems very invested in Diana despite the fact that Diana apparently haven’t told her anything about herself, and have mostly used the time they spend together moping in front of the window, standing around looking stoic and acting weird (from Etta’s perspective). I suppose it says something about Etta’s character that she has just decided to befriend this stranger no matter what, but I did wish Diana was giving a bit more back.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I get what you’re saying, but I read it more as a) Etta is super chatty; if you look at her interaction with Steve, she dominates those conversation as well. Diana doesn’t seem to have much of a chance to open up. And b) I think the last page is Diana reciprocating some. She offers to duel Pamela, and tells Etta that she’s strong and can overcome any obstacle which, coming from an Amazon princess, is quite a statement. I agree that Etta is putting herself out more in this relationship, but I think Diana is offering something back. And yeah, there’s lot of book yet. The friendship will likely grow much further.

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