Is Lucy Davis Playing Etta Candy in the Wonder Woman Movie?

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie is still filming in England, and some new set photos have a lot of folks speculating on Lucy Davis’ role. The scene they’re shooting appears to be a celebration of Armistice Day, the official end of World War One, and shows Gal Gadot in civilian garb with Lucy Davis in tow, sporting a look that is very reminiscent of Etta Candy. Here are the gals together:


And a closer look at Davis:


Davis’ hair is usually long and blonde, so these shorter auburn locks are a big change that’s in keeping with Golden Age Etta Candy, as is her size. Here’s a look at a classic Etta panel, where’s she’s enjoying a picnic with the Holliday Girls:


So Davis definitely looks the part. We’ve got no confirmation from the studio on who Davis and most of the supporting cast are playing; they’re being pretty tight lipped about which characters will be in Wonder Woman. But that looks a lot like Etta.

Or rather, a specific incarnation of Etta. On the Wonder Woman TV show, Etta was a middle aged secretary who worked for the military alongside Diana Prince. This depiction continued in the Modern Age, though Etta was often more of an active military officer. In the New 52 universe, Etta is now svelte and African American. We’ve had a variety of Ettas over the years, plus Lucy Davis doesn’t quite match the Golden Age Etta she resembles. In the 1940s, Etta was a young American college student, while Davis is a British woman in her 40s. Perhaps the film is making up their own Etta, just as they’re making up a new origin for Wonder Woman by putting her in the 1910s.

If that’s the case, this movie is getting a little weird. Rather than going with any existing origin for Wonder Woman and her supporting cast, the filmmakers seem to be creating an entirely new take on the Wonder Woman mythos. A 5,000 year old Wonder Woman who debuts in World War One with her British pal Etta Candy is not a Wonder Woman that has ever existed before. I realize that most people probably aren’t familiar with the details of Wonder Woman’s origin, but making up a new one seems like an odd plan.

All of the successful recent superhero films have stuck to the characters’ classic origins, by and large. They get updated and tweaked, but they follow the broad strokes of the comics. Again, official details for Wonder Woman are sparse, but it looks like that’s not the case here, and it’s somewhat worrying. I’m concerned that we’ll end up with a Wonder Woman movie that doesn’t actually feel like Wonder Woman.

However, we still know next to nothing about the film apart from a few sparse details and a whole pile of rumours and speculation, so we’ll have to wait and see what’s actually going on. No matter how it works out, we’re getting a Wonder Woman movie and Etta Candy might be in it, and that’s pretty rad. As always, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they don’t screw it up.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

One thought on “Is Lucy Davis Playing Etta Candy in the Wonder Woman Movie?

  1. I don’t think things like character’s age, England instead of the US or WW1 instead of WW2 makes that much difference as long as the broad strokes are there. I mean the post-crises-on-infinite-earths-reboot was set during the cold war right? As long as the Amazons live on a hidden island, Steve Trevor crash lands there, and Diana wins a tournament to bring him back then I say they got the basics down all right.
    The one thing that really worries me is what they are going to do if they ever make a sequel. Do they stay in the past in order keep the same supporting cast around? or do they jump to present day for the sequel like Captain America: The Winter Solider, but then loss those supporting characters from the first movie? Because while Diana might be immortal Steve and Etta aren’t. It would be a real bummer to loss these classic characters if they turn out well in this film.

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