The Legend of Wonder Woman #17 Review: Wonder Woman Debuts! Sort Of…


Let’s get right to it: This issue kicked some serious ass. It’s a testament to Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon’s storytelling skills that we’re seventeen issues into the series, digitally, and we haven’t had much in the way of fight scenes. Fight scenes are the lifeblood of superhero comics in a lot of ways; heck, the next two big superhero movies are pitting the heroes against each other so as to have even more fight scenes. Everybody loves crazy action. But The Legend of Wonder Woman hasn’t gone that route. There have been a few skirmishes here and there, but the story has moved along at its own pace, building relationships and developing the characters in non-combative ways. And it’s been absolutely fantastic.

But now the Duke of Deception is almost on top of the Allied forces in Europe, and someone’s got to step in and stop him. Enter Wonder Woman! Or rather, almost Wonder Woman. She hasn’t got the whole look together yet, and De Liz has continued the slow build to her emergence in a very cool way. When Diana left Themyscira, she wasn’t given the classic Wonder Woman uniform. Instead, she was given golden artifacts: The boots of Hermes (more sandals, really) that allowed to glide on the winds, the girdle of Zeus to enhance her physical strength, the tiara of Athena to heighten the strength of her mind, and the impenetrable bracers of Artemis.

Diana put on all of the separate artifacts before heading out to the battlefield, without the usual red top and star spangled bottoms to tie it all together. Instead, she just wore them underneath a military uniform, and it looked pretty rad. I mean, check this out:


This comic is worth buying for that bad ass pose alone. Also, could we please make this book a hit so that I can get an action figure of this?

I love how The Legend of Wonder Woman is building up to Wonder Woman, step by step, and it’s so fun that she gets this sort of intermediate stage. It’s such a common plot point in the origin stories of other heroes, and it’s one I really enjoy, that first time that they go out to fight bad guys but they don’t have their uniform together quite yet and sort of don’t know what they’re doing. Think Bruce Wayne disguising himself as a street tough in Batman: Year One, or Iron Man’s clunky first suit from the Iron Man movie. Wonder Woman tends to just emerge fully formed in her origin stories, and I’m really enjoying seeing her grow and evolve into the role here.

And, as always, I love the callbacks. In the Golden Age, Wonder Woman couldn’t fly; thus the invisible plane. Then, in the Silver Age, she learned how to fly by gliding on air currents, just as she’s doing in the panel above. It’s great to see yet another reference to her history. The way this series builds on classic Wonder Woman stories while being wholly its own new, fresh thing delights me to no end.

Also, things happened! I’ve spent so much time talking about the costume that I’ve forgotten the plot. Diana is finally face to face with the Duke of Deception, and it seems that they have some kind of connection. She can see into his past, and he knows to be wary of her, like he was expecting her. It’s a curious situation that I assume will be explored in the issues to come as their battle continues. There are ten digital issues to go, so I don’t expect things to be resolved any time soon. If anything, I’m guessing this current battle will just be their first skirmish, with more to come later on.

So we’ve got yet another great issue of The Legend of Wonder Woman, adding yet another enjoyable twist to Wonder Woman’s origin. She looks so cool! And is super bad ass, deflecting bullets and zipping around the battlefield. This book is such a blast.


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