Read an Excerpt From Investigating Lois Lane at The Atlantic!


In what is one of the very coolest and sort of unbelievable moments of my career thus far, The Atlantic has run an excerpt of Investigating Lois Lane.  I’m honoured to be on the site, and I’m so glad that everyone can get a nice peek inside the book and see what it’s like.  I mean, you can’t beat a free sample!

They picked one of my favourite parts of the book, the section that focuses on Lois Lane’s brief feminist revolution in Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane in the early 1970s under editor Dorothy Woolfolk.  I won’t spoil it for you because you can go ahead and read it, but Lois gets into women’s lib and makes some big life changes that, while short lived, were huge and fascinating.

It’s a great era for Lois, and was also a fun opportunity for me to write about one of my favourite people in the history of comics, Dorothy Woolfolk.  As Dorothy Roubicek, before she was married, she was an assistant editor on Wonder Woman in the 1940s, and then returned to DC a few decades later to revolutionize their romance line with pro-women’s lib themes before taking on Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane.  Woolfolk is a fantastic and criminally underappreciated part of comic book history, and I’m always glad to shine a spotlight on her any time I can.

The excerpt is from Chapter 5 of the book, which in its full form also includes a look at Lois’ earlier, super problematic attempts to become more relevant and engage in issues surrounding race.  The portion that’s excerpted at The Atlantic is also a bit longer in the book; they trimmed it slightly for length, so there are some more cool little bits in Investigating Lois Lane.

Anyway, huge thanks to The Atlantic for running the excerpt!  You can go check it out now, and then pick up the book if you like what you see.


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One Response to “Read an Excerpt From Investigating Lois Lane at The Atlantic!”

  1. Rogério Says:

    Very interesting reading, Tim. Probably my favorite Lois incarnation is from Superman Animated Series. Oh, and I like Lois at Man of Steel(I know that is a very divisive movie). I like that she knows Clark’s secret and is kind of a accomplice.

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