Greg Rucka to Write a Young, Scrappy, Hungry Wonder Woman for DC’s Rebirth; Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp on Art


News of Wonder Woman, and several other DC titles, relaunching and moving to a twice a month schedule broke several weeks ago, and this weekend at WonderCon, DC finally unveiled who would be working on the books. After initially revealing that artist Liam Sharp would be drawing Wonder Woman, Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, and Geoff Johns brought out Greg Rucka, sporting a Hamilton hoodie, as the book’s writer. The crowd, and big portions of the internet, went bananas.

Rucka’s return to DC is a pretty big deal. After several years of animosity following some broken promises and behind the scenes shenanigans, DC decided that it might be nice to have Greg Rucka on their side. Few comic book writers are more acclaimed than Rucka, and many of his runs on DC properties are considered classics, including his tenure on Wonder Woman more than a decade ago. After being away at Marvel, Image, and other publishers for so long, Greg Rucka is coming home.

He’ll be joined by a pair of artists in an alternating structure. The odd-numbered books will be drawn by Liam Sharp, and artist who’s been out of mainstream comics for a bit but who seemed very excited to be back and especially to be drawing Wonder Woman. Here’s a look at a cover by Sharp:


Their story is called “The Lies”, and begins when “Diana discovers that some of the facts she’s taken as truth are… brittle under closer examination. She sets off to separate the lies from the truth.” I’m curious to see what these lies are, and I’m hoping it will involve a rehabilitation of the Amazons and their violent, unpleasant New 52 history, including both their raping and murdering male sailors and Diana’s new origin with Zeus as her father. The classic origins for Wonder Woman and the Amazons have been wholly lost, and it would be cool to see Rucka and Sharp bring them back.

The even-numbered issues will be drawn by Nicola Scott, who’s returning to the book after doing great work on Earth 2 and later the Image series Black Magick, also written by Rucka. Here’s Scott’s first cover:


The story is a “Year One” look at Wonder Woman’s origins set ten years in the past, and while Rucka has been short on the details, he’s promising that Diana will be smiling, “because she does that,” a clear contrast to her more violent, dour New 52 incarnation.

Both artists are interesting choices for Wonder Woman, and I’m looking forward to each of them. Sharp is known for his highly detailed renderings, and I was surprised when he was announced, but that first image looks great and has me very curious to see him on the book. Scott’s a pro at Wonder Woman from her many issues on the series, but her art is even better now than it was years ago and I can’t wait to see her take on Wonder Woman again, especially in a story that focuses on her origins.

I’m also excited for Rucka to return, though I will admit I was hoping that someone else would be at the helm. Early rumours suggested that Marguerite Bennett would be writing Wonder Woman, and I thought that she was a great fit on multiple levels. First, her work is great, and she writes a fantastic Wonder Woman right now in DC Comics Bombshells. Second, I think Wonder Woman needs a new, different voice, someone with a strong point of view who can take the character in a direction that’s not steeped in what came before. We need a new Wonder Woman with someone with a new perspective behind her, and I thought that Bennett would be ideal for that. However, if DC wants to bring back someone from the old guard, than Rucka is the guy to choose. I would have preferred that Bennett get to take a shot, but Rucka is a fantastic alternative.

The new direction for Wonder Woman will debut in early June with Wonder Woman Rebirth #1, written by Rucka with art by Phil Winslade. The regular series will kick off later in the month with Wonder Woman #1, by Rucka and Sharp. Both storylines will alternate for at least the next six months, and Rucka has plans for at least 24 issues, so we should have a year of him for sure, and potentially more after that. The Rebirth books will be $2.99 US each, a drop from DC’s current $3.99 rates but an increase in cost per month given that there’ll be two issues a month; the cover cost will go down, but it’s going to cost an extra two bucks a month to keep up with the series.

I’m curious to see what Rucka, Sharp, and Scott do with Wonder Woman. After Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s mixed bag, a gorgeous run with cool moments that also featured the denigration of the Amazons, was followed by Meredith and David Finch’s awkward, often terrible tenure, there’s really nowhere to go but up with the series. Even without that low bar, this is a solid creative team who could do something interesting and fun with the character. I’m looking forward to looking forward to the series for a change; it’s been a long time since I’ve been excited to buy Wonder Woman.


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8 Responses to “Greg Rucka to Write a Young, Scrappy, Hungry Wonder Woman for DC’s Rebirth; Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp on Art”

  1. Jan Arrah Says:

    I dig Bennett, but her Bombshell WW has been too violent and war-like for my tastes. Felt very much like an homage to Cooke’s WW in New Frontier.
    I had hoped Renae De Liz would take over, even though I know both her and Ray Dillon said it wasn’t happening. I’d still love to see that. Rucka will be interesting.. he does a good warrior, honor and duty bound WW.. I’d hoped we’d get away from that and maybe he’ll surprise us all and get back to Diana’s origins.. One can hope.

  2. Vicente Says:

    I may be recalling this wrong, but I think it was Bleeding Cool who recently reported that Marguerite Bennett had indeed been picked as the lead writer for WW Rebirth – but after several issues had been written and approved, the editor in charge changed and DC suddenly ditched Bennett and her work to go with Rucka. All seemingly in a quite improvised and unprofessional way…

    • solletaire Says:

      I would take anything Bleedincool writes with a grain of salt… They deal in rumors and scoops, and not in information that is fact checked or that comes from a proven and reliable source… It’s their niche, so that’s OK, I guess… But Benette’s involvement is far from concerned; she could have just as easily been the back up choice in case Rucka said “no”

  3. MacPym Says:

    I think Greg is a great choice now. This man knows well what Wonder Woman should be. And now she needs a strong helping hand of authoritative writer to recover after so named “destruction”, that happened in New 52.
    It’d be great to see Circe lurking behind all these “lies”.

  4. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    I am so happy about this. Rucka is my favorite WW writer, and both artist seem like a great fit. I also like that they are doing two storylines, one for each artist, so you don’t have the jarring effect of an artist change every issue.

  5. Havilland Says:

    I’m looking at this Sharpe image and I think we can say good-bye to Chiang’s Greek god redesigns. Sad. 😦

  6. hamletprimeiro Says:

    I can’t hide my relieve with this news.

  7. vorpalcat Says:

    Interesting- Rucka coming back, Rebirth attempting to distance DC a bit from the New 52…

    Could someone have opened a window and let some common sense in?

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