The Legend of Wonder Woman #23 Review: Off To Battle, Superpowers Or Not


The new issue of The Legend of Wonder Woman was a bit delayed at Comixology today, so this is review is a little late, but better late than never! And this book is always worth the wait, of course. I mean, this issue has Wonder Woman and the Holliday Girls going off to fight the Duke of Deception and prevent the end of the world. What more do you want out of a comic book?

At the end of last week’s issue, Steve and the rest of the troops flew off to take on the Duke of Deception, not knowing they were about to face a Titan bent on destroying the planet. Unfortunately, Zeus had taken back Wonder Woman’s superpowers when she refused to help him allow the Titan to complete his task so Zeus could remake the world afterward, so Diana was stuck behind in France. This issue begins with Diana jonesing to get in on the fight, even without her powers, hoping to at least inspire the troops with Wonder Woman’s presence and perhaps turn herself over to the Duke to delay the Titan’s emergence. But she’s hundreds of miles away, with no way to get to the action.

Enter the Holliday Girls, and the fantastic Golden Age fun that Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon do so well. The way the story unfolded from here captured everything I love about the original Wonder Woman comics and the inventive ways De Liz and Dillon revisit the classic tales. Not only are the Holliday Girls in the thick of things in France, but they’ve been snooping around and have a line on a secret plane they could “borrow.” Also, there’s no way they were letting Diana go off by herself; if she’s going into a war zone, they’re all going.

This is the Golden Age Holliday Girls in a nutshell. They were forever following Wonder Woman into battle, coming up with inventive ways to get in on the action and help their friend. Going into a war zone is actually pretty tame relative to what they got up to in the 1940s. The Holliday Girls went deep underground to fight subterranean mole men, and far into space visiting a wide variety of planets. They really got around.

Their trip also marks the debut of one of the most classic Wonder Woman elements ever: Her invisible plane. Usually of Amazonian origin, it’s re-imagined in The Legend of Wonder Woman as the secret military plane that Diana and the Holliday Girls “borrow.” While looking for the radio button, Tillie hits a big red button marked “Danger, Untested Prototype” and the plane turns invisible around them. It’s a fun new twist on an iconic part of the Wonder Woman mythos, something classic yet different that also fits beautifully into the flow of the story.

I also really enjoyed that Diana tells the Holliday Girls to try not to kill any Germans, because there’s been enough death already. It would have been easy to let Wonder Woman and the Holliday Girls slip into the thick of battle and shoot down planes indiscriminately, as one is wont to do in a war zone. A story set during a war often has an expectation of killing the enemy built into it. But De Liz has chosen to highlight Wonder Woman’s compassion, and rather than an unremarked upon free for all, we get the Holliday Girls using their plane’s turrets to take out the wings of enemy planes and thus spare the pilots. It’s a small thing that speaks volumes about the heart of the characters.

It looks like things are going to start to get dicey for the gang next week now that they’re on the Duke of Deception’s doorstep, and the final battle will be especially interesting because Wonder Woman is about to jump into it with no superpowers at all. It’s going to be fun to watch everything play out over the four issues we have left! Wait, what? Only four issues? That’s heartbreaking. But dang, what a conclusion it’s building to be!

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One Response to “The Legend of Wonder Woman #23 Review: Off To Battle, Superpowers Or Not”

  1. vorpalcat Says:

    I love that right now we have a de-powered Wonder Woman.

    I am sure she will get her powers back at the end of this… but she’s going to beat the Duke of Deception WITHOUT her superpowers.

    We’re going to get to see what exactly makes Diana Wonder Woman. Too many writers focus on her powers as the source of the ‘wonder’, but that’s not what Diana is about.

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