Check Out these Liam Sharp Pages from Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, Plus a Tease from Nicola Scott

We’re getting ever closer to the debut of DC’s “Rebirth” relaunch in June, so close that we’re starting to get more concrete teases now. Among them is a peek inside Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, the special issue that will come out in early June before Wonder Woman officially relaunches  with a new first issue later in the month. As a sidenote, this seems like a bizarre way to do things; why not just relaunch the book right off? I’m curious to see what’s the point of these “Rebirth” specials.

But regardless of my confusion at how DC is going about their business, we’ve got pretty art! So enjoy these unlettered, colored pages from Liam Sharp:




So we’ve got Wonder Woman fighting a minotaur, what appears to be a Cerberus-style three headed dog (that double page spread image is a little small, so I’m not 100% sure on it), and a centaur. Or perhaps animated statues thereof. Either way, I’m into it. I’m always up for Wonder Woman vs. mythological creatures, and Sharp’s art looks great here. His Diana is powerful, lovely, and regal, and I love the layouts and the flow of the pages. Laura Martin is coloring the series, and she does a fantastic job here as well. It’s going to be a really pretty book, that’s for sure.

Also, earlier today Nicola Scott released a tease of one of her pages for her half of Wonder Woman; Sharp will be drawing the odd numbered issues, set in the present, while Scott will be drawing the even numbered issues, set in the past in a “Year One” storyline. She posted this preview of Diana and Hippolyta sharing a lovely mother/daughter moment:


I’m so excited to see what Scott does with Wonder Woman. Sharp’s work looks like it’ll be great too, but Scott’s been killing it lately with Black Magick and such, and I can’t wait to see what she does in her return to the world of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, written by Greg Rucka with art by Liam Sharp and Paulo Siqueira, hits comic shops on June 8, with the new Wonder Woman #1 following two weeks later. Wonder Woman might finally be good again, gang! It’s exciting times.


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4 Responses to “Check Out these Liam Sharp Pages from Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, Plus a Tease from Nicola Scott”

  1. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    Love that fact that Greg and Nicola don’t care that Hippolyta was made a blond in the new52 which this Rebirth “reboot” is supposedly stil in continuity with. I much prefer black curly hair Hippolyta over blond plain haired Hippolyta. Also its just lovely to see a happy mother daughter image with Wonder Woman for a change.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Notice that Diana is fighting with just her fists and her lasso. No sword required!

    My only nitpick is that I wish that there was a little more contrast in the coloring, because it’s reading slightly too dark and monotone overall.

    So excited for this reboot!

  3. Rogerio Prado Says:

    Beautiful and expressive art.

  4. Havilland Says:

    A return to the old. I really didn’t want them to toss the good stuff about the New52.

    It is what it is. They are trying to get their audience back, I guess. I’ll give it a try.

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