The Legend of Wonder Woman #24 Review: One Foe Down as Another Rises


After a two week break, The Legend of Wonder Woman has returned to its regular digital first schedule as it enters the final stretch of its run. Following this week’s outing, we’ve only got three installments left, which will comprise the final print edition of the book. And things are getting suitably exciting, with the board set for what should be an epic final confrontation between Wonder Woman and the Titan. Though the exact mechanics of how she’ll be able to take him on remain up in the air.

Wonder Woman was able to save her friends and even the Duke of Deception this week, despite the fact that her powers remain on the fritz since she gave up her role as Zeus’s champion. Her plane was destroyed but a voice told her to call for help, and doing so brought her a cloudlike Pegasus who nabbed Steve Trevor and the Holliday Girls, taking them safely to the ground after setting Diana near the Duke of Deception. The voice told her that her lasso still had some juice as well, so she used it on the Duke. The truths it showed him compelled him to give up his role as Ares’s champion, taking one villain off of Wonder Woman’s list at least.

I’m intrigued by the voice. I’m guessing it’s not Zeus, since he was such a jerk the last time we saw him. It may be something bigger than Zeus, like Gaea, but my current theory is that it’s Athena. We’ve seen that the gods can have champions to whom they grant certain powers; Wonder Woman was the champion of Zeus, and the Duke of Deception was the champion of Ares. So presumably, Athena could have a champion as well. Furthermore, the conjuring of a Pegasus might be a reference to Athena, since in most of the myths it’s Athena who gives Pegasus to Perseus in order to defeat Medusa. Also, it would just be rad to have Wonder Woman be the champion of a goddess, and it feels like something Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon might be building towards. The gods are destructive and capricious, so maybe the goddesses should step in. My guess is it’s Athena, but Aphrodite is traditionally associated with the Amazons as well. Time will tell. I’m just spitballing here.

However things shake out, Wonder Woman getting her powers back would come in very handy right about now. The Duke of Deception renouncing his role freed the baetylus, but then Priscilla Rich picked it up and was compelled to put it back in the Titan, awakening the beast. So yeah, things have gotten serious. Not only is Wonder Woman at risk, but so is the entire world. Wonder Woman’s got some skills even without her powers, but when you’re fighting a giant Titan, some additional strength and speed, plus the power of flight, would be quite useful.

So the stage for the grand finale is set, with a lot of question marks in the mix, Wonder Woman herself being first and foremost among them. It’ll be fun to see how everything unfolds, but I also love how things have played out to this point. For Wonder Woman, giving up her powers didn’t mean giving up on being a hero, and she was able to defeat the Duke of Deception without combat, felling him solely with the power of truth and appealing to his better nature. Her heroic spirit has also brought her the goodwill for someone mysterious, allowing her to save her friends. I really enjoy how Renae De Liz has stayed true to the core of the character in so many different, difficult situations over the run of the series. Diana’s been a wonder at every stage of the game, no matter where she is or what she’s doing.

The endgame starts next week, gang! Only three issues left of what has been the most delightful Wonder Woman series in ages. Be sure to pick up the print edition as well, and maybe some extra copies for your friends; The Legend of Wonder Woman #5 just hit shelves yesterday.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

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