The Legend of Wonder Woman #25 Review: The Grand Finale Begins!


Oh, it’s on now. After several issues without superpowers, Wonder Woman is back in fighting form, powered by a force that dates back to the dawn of the universe. Being the champion of Zeus was child’s play compared to what Diana is tapping into now. The Titan should be very frightened, as should the Nazis and their various fiendish associates once Wonder Woman is done taking care of the Titan. Evildoers are going to have a terrible time of things moving forward.

So here we are, at the beginning of the end, the first of the three digital issues that will comprise the final print issue of The Legend of Wonder Woman. Last week, the Titan was reanimated and escaped it’s frozen prison, and Wonder Woman, without her superpowers, wasn’t able to do much of anything to stop it. This week, she got her powers back, and better than ever, after a fascinating trip into the cosmogony of this world that Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon have created.

In short, Wonder Woman gets her powers back from Gaea, but this Gaea is much more than the usual goddess of the Earth. She is a being of the light that sprung forth when the universe began, tasked with creating worlds and creatures to combat the darkness that threatens the light. This Gaea isn’t just the mother goddess of Earth; she’s the creator of countless worlds, all of which have fallen to the darkness. She placed her final hope in Earth, and in humanity, but she needed a champion. It was Gaea who gave life to the clay shaped by Hippolyta, and now Gaea has shown Diana her true purpose, which she embraces wholeheartedly.

The whole sequence is gorgeous and beautifully written, grandiose but appropriately so given the stature of the goddess speaking. It helps that I’m a sucker for rad descriptions. Gaea calling Wonder Woman, “Diana, born of light and hope, hailing from the clays of Earth” and telling her “you have become a beacon of truth in the darkness” is right up my alley. It’s powerful, inspiring language. Plus, this is how I see Wonder Woman, as a protector of the world powered by love and compassion, so this whole spread worked like gangbusters for me.

The issue ties together a lot of the things we’ve seen with Diana throughout the story, namely her inability to feel like she fits in anywhere. Whether she was an Amazon princess, a champion of the gods, or a normal gal in America, nothing felt right. It’s been clear that there’s always been something missing in every situation, that each life she lived wasn’t allowing her to reach her true potential. And now we see this is because she was meant for something more, that the light of Gaea instilled in her when she was born prepared her for a higher purpose, if she so chooses.

De Liz goes way outside of the box with her cosmogony in this installment, in enjoyable ways. She’s gone big with Gaea, expanding her purview considerably and tapping Wonder Woman into a power that is essentially cosmic. That’s pretty cool. But she’s also tied in fun bits of the DC Comics mythos, associating the Titans with the Manhunters, the manufactured beings who policed the universe before the Green Lantern Corps. It’s all tied to Greek myth and DC history, but it’s its own unique thing too, with all sorts of twists on the conventional beats.

Plus, this is an issue where Etta Candy jumps into a plane with Steve Trevor to handle the machine gun and shoot Nazis out of the sky, so it’s got that going for it. The book is nothing if not chock full of awesomeness.

So now, with two issues left, the final battle begins. Wonder Woman is back and stronger than ever, about to take on the Titan and save the world! I’m so sad that it’s almost over, but so excited to see how it ends. The stage is set for a spectacular finale.


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One Response to “The Legend of Wonder Woman #25 Review: The Grand Finale Begins!”

  1. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    This has been a great series. DC really needs to collect all issues in a single volume when it is all said and done. This could be one of those must read books for any Wonder Woman fan.
    As for this issue it was a great payoff to the Diana loosing her powers twist. The fact that Renae De Liz was gave us so many issues of the powerless Diana, makes this return to full strength very satisfying. My only real complaint about this issue, and the series in general, is that i’m not a fan of the way De Liz handled the world building exposition. Even though these sequences of Diana meeting the divine are really visually beautiful and very important story wise, both in termes of thematics and plot (loosing her powers after the meeting with Zeus, and now regaining them), they just aren’t very satisfying to me narratively. Luckily there have only really been three or four of these exposition dump issues in the series so far, so it is not a big deal.

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