Sending Good Thoughts to Darwyn Cooke, One of the Best Wonder Woman Artists Ever

News broke today that legendary comic book writer and artist Darwyn Cooke is in palliative care following a bout with aggressive cancer, and his colleagues and fans have been sending messages of love and support all day long. Cooke is known for many fantastic comics, from his run on Catwoman to DC: New Frontier to his more recent Parker graphic novels, but my favourite work of his is basically anytime he draws Wonder Woman. He always brings a joy and a regality to the character that captures her spirit beautifully. So let’s just look at a bunch of pretty pictures today and send some good thoughts his way.

Cooke first worked on Wonder Woman in DC: New Frontier, and here’s a cover from one of the issues:


The story inside was even more fun, with Wonder Woman initially teaming up with Superman to fight on behalf of the American government before becoming disillusioned and doing her own thing instead. Here she is, with her fellow Amazons:


And celebrating with the women of a Vietnamese village she’d helped defend:


And then telling Superman to take off after he questioned her behaviour:


Plus who can forget the stirring image of Wonder Woman heroically rallying her fellow superheroes for the final charge, with an appropriately inspiring message:


More recently, Cooke returned to DC to do a line of variant covers, and there were a couple of Wonder Womans in the mix. First, his bad ass cover for Wonder Woman:


And second, his cover for Superman/Wonder Woman that made their romance seem plausible in a way the insides of the book could never manage to do:


Finally, one of my favourite things is Darwyn Cooke sketches of Wonder Woman. They seem so effortlessly lovely, and are so very fun. Let’s look at a few I particularly enjoy:


EDITED TO ADD: Darwyn Cooke passed away early this morning, May 14. My thoughts are with his friends and family. The world has lost a great artist and storyteller.

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4 Responses to “Sending Good Thoughts to Darwyn Cooke, One of the Best Wonder Woman Artists Ever”

  1. Rogerio Prado Says:

    Oh. So Sad to hear that. My best wishes to Darwyn and his family.
    I love, love, love so much his round and generous interpretation of Diana.
    I hope that very soon he will be recovered.

  2. raspberry_swirl Says:

    Gorgeous artwork! I wish him and his family well.

  3. Ben Herman: In My Not So Humble Opinion Says:

    Darwyn Cooke is such an amazing artist. I really enjoy his work. This is sad news.

    Thanks for assembling such a lovely set of Wonder Woman images by Cooke. I’ve posted a link to this piece on Facebook.

  4. Rogerio Prado Says:

    The first time that I read DC: The New Frontier I was delighted by the spirit of fun and joy of the book. Something that is really a rare thing at so much super-heroes comics today.
    Mr Cooke created a lot of beautiful and admirable work that I love.
    I will always bring with me the thrill, fun and joy of the art and story of DC: The New Frontier.
    My sentiments to Mr Cooke family.

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