New Wonder Woman Movie Poster Highlights Power, Grace, Wisdom, Wonder


It’s San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, so we’re getting lots of fun geeky news, and we got a huge reveal today with the first official poster for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, the film will be out in June 2017; we’ve seen a few pictures so far and a couple of very brief clips, but now we’ve got a poster! I’m hoping that we’ll get a trailer before the weekend is out, but the poster is pretty rad.

First, the text totally gets it. “Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder” is a such a great encapsulation of the character. These absolutely are the traits that have defined Wonder Woman for decades, and it’s encouraging to see the film acknowledge that from the get go by establishing these words as its definition of the character. It also wisely avoided certain other descriptions. There’s nothing about her appearance at all, for instance. So often we get a focus on Diana’s beauty above all else, and here they skip it entirely. Gal Gadot is obviously lovely, so perhaps they just thought that pointing it out would be redundant. But I’m guessing that they realized that male characters don’t get associated with their appearance; Superman would never have “Handsome” written on his poster. It’s a smart acknowledgement that women are so much more than their appearance.

They also avoid anything martial, like “Warrior” or some such. We get “Power” instead, which is a telling choice. It’s a wider term that encompasses more of the character rather than sharply defining her in terms of violence and warfare. “Power” suggests physical strength, but it also suggests gravitas and leadership and a sort of influentialness that speaks to Wonder Woman as a cultural icon.

Now, we do get a sword, so that does show her martial side. If I’m honest, I’d love to see Wonder Woman without the sword for a change. She’s not a character who I think needs a weapon, particularly one designed to maim or kill. It’s not a weapon for subduing someone, it’s a weapon for battle, and to me, Wonder Woman sees battle as a last resort. So I don’t love the sword.

What I do love, though: The colour! She’s red and blue and gold! Remember a few Comic-Cons back when we got our first official look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and it was all browns? That was so disappointing. This poster is colourful and vibrant, even with all the shadow. There’s even blue sky! It’s a sunnier palette and also it’s literally sunnier. It’s a welcome change from all of the darkness we’ve seen from DC’s current movie line thus far.

So yeah, I like this a lot and might have to try to get one for myself. It feels like Wonder Woman in so many ways, and marks a shift towards brightness that is very necessary to make the character work. It’s a cool poster all around, and the tagline especially makes me feel a little more optimistic about the film moving forward.


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3 Responses to “New Wonder Woman Movie Poster Highlights Power, Grace, Wisdom, Wonder”

  1. MATT Says:

    I, like pretty much always, agree with everything you’re saying. Love the color and I love the HOPE that is displayed in this poster.

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  3. Secret Kabeiros Says:

    A shame that in Spanish they translated “Wonder” as “Beauty”…

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