Jenny Frison’s Variant Cover for Wonder Woman #7 Is GORGEOUS


The new Wonder Woman series has had variant covers for every issue since it launched in June, but I haven’t said much about them for a while now on account of I don’t particularly care for the artist. He’s technically proficient, but he likes to  cater to the types of folks who think “social justice warrior” is an insult and I don’t have any time for that. But his last cover is on Wonder Woman #6, and after that he’s being replaced by Jenny Frison. Comic Vine posted her first variant cover yesterday, which will appear on Wonder Woman #7, and just look at it, gang. It’s SO GOOD.

Frison’s been doing great work across the comic book industry for years now, and she’s just getting better and better with time. This is some of the best work I’ve seen from her, and that’s really saying something because she’s done lots of amazing pieces before. It’s a beautiful, powerful pose that captures the spirit of Wonder Woman well, and her linework is clean and precise as always. Plus the colouring and texture is spectacular, and adds so much depth to the image. It’s just lovely all around.

This variant cover should be available in most comic book shops when Wonder Woman #7 comes out on September 28. This is also my birthday, and it’s very kind of DC to give me such a nice present! They’re so thoughtful.


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One Response to “Jenny Frison’s Variant Cover for Wonder Woman #7 Is GORGEOUS”

  1. MATT Says:

    This actually made me gasp and clutch my pearls. Love it.

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