Wonder Woman Cake Wars Recap: Nicola Scott PLUS So Many Wonder Woman Cakes!


On Monday night, the Food Network’s Cake Wars aired an episode that celebrated Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary. I’m not familiar with the show, but Wonder Woman was involved so of course I had to watch it. It seemed fine as far as cooking competitions go; it’s no Great British Bake Off, and the host was no Mel and/or Sue. But it did have Wonder Woman artist Nicola Scott as a guest judge, which was super cool!

For the first round, four bakers were tasked with making a cake that a) celebrated an iconic element of the Wonder Woman mythos, and b) included flavours inspired by classic American dishes. The first cake up to be judged was from Eric Woller of Meme’s Street Bakery, who tried to create a transparent invisible jet circling Paradise Island (click the pictures to get a closer look at all of the cakes):


The plane turned out more translucent than transparent, and the rest of the cake was a bit sloppy. The judges didn’t love his chicken and waffle inspired flavours either. I like the idea a lot, but the execution was a bit lacking.

Next up was Viki Kane from Just a Little Dessert, who made a s’more flavoured cake that showed a young girl seeing herself as Wonder Woman:


The judges loved this one, both the design and the taste. They saluted her creativity as well as her crisp work with the Wonder Woman logo. I thought it looked very cool, though the judges thought that the rough sprinkle design was brilliant while I found it a bit messy. Still, killer idea well executed.

The third cake was from Tammy Tuttle of T-Tuttle Custom Cakes. She made a BLT cake (seriously) that incorporated various elements of Wonder Woman’s costume:


The BLT flavour didn’t impress anyone, and the judges found the accessories to be a little bit thick and sloppily applied. It was a fun idea, but she ran into a time crunch because her cakes took a long time to cook. So it goes when you put chopped up tomato in a cake, I guess.

Finally, Christina Moda from Cakes a la Moda made an apple pie inspired cake that paid homage to Wonder Woman’s bullet deflecting basics:


Her flavours didn’t wow the judges, and while they liked the idea of the design, they thought that the hands looked weirdly puffy and the other elements were a bit simple. I agree; it was a good concept, but the hands were the focal point and they just didn’t come together. In the end, the judges decided that Christina would be cut from the competition.

The remaining three bakers moved onto the final round, where they made ENORMOUS cakes with lavish decorations. These things were crazy. Viki was the first to present, and she achieved quite the architectural feat with her suspended upside down cake. The whole cake hung from a hook:


Her malt chocolate flavours didn’t quite come through, but the judges were wowed by the sheer amount of detail she put into the cake, even though they didn’t quite see her concept of a villain flipping Wonder Woman’s celebratory cake upside and her fighting to turn it back. The important thing was that it looked super cool and it worked in so many Wonder Woman elements in a clean, well laid out manner.

Next up was Eric, who made a vanilla, raspberry, and blueberry celebration cake that aimed for a comic book feel:


They all enjoyed the taste of the cake and they liked the idea and scope of the build, but were underwhelmed with the execution. The faces on both of his Wonder Women were all jacked up, everything was a little sloppy, and it had a bit of generic comic book feel instead of a look specific to Wonder Woman; Scott pointed out that you could sub in Batman for Wonder Woman and it might actually make more sense.

Finally, Tammy wanted to capture Wonder Woman’s empowering spirit with her chocolate cake with raspberry coconut frosting:


The cake itself was a big hit, but the design got mixed reviews. The judges loved her figure work and how they represented different eras of Wonder Woman, but the huge gray background seemed a bit much to them. They wanted more color and pop instead of a massive mound of gray.

Overall, Tammy’s cake was my favourite. She made so many Wonder Women from so many different eras, in impressive detail! And I actually liked the gray. I thought the building was cool because it both represented the capitol building and the ancient architecture of Paradise Island, plus the muted colours allowed her Wonder Woman figures to really shine. But the judges disagreed with me and Viki took home the prize with her very creative and well constructed design.

Overall, it was an enjoyable program. I wanted to taste every single cake, Nicola Scott was a fun judge, and I got to see some rad cake designs. It’s always a good time when DC teams up with reality competition shows; the Ink Master and Face Off episodes they did a couple years back were a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll see even more Wonder Woman tie-ins on other shows before her 75th anniversary celebration is over!


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3 Responses to “Wonder Woman Cake Wars Recap: Nicola Scott PLUS So Many Wonder Woman Cakes!”

  1. Lady T Says:

    I liked Tammy’s cake the best as well and I think if she had made the Capitol building red,white and blue, they would have given her the win. Her cake flavors were the stronger there. Viki’s design work was impressive,through.

    Eric really messed up with making his Wonder Woman figures(the one in the middle looked more like Etta Candy to me!) but overall, he make a decent effort. Glad to hear your take on Cake Wars!

  2. Jan Arrah (@JanArrah) Says:

    Cake Wars isn’t like the next Great Bake off.. it’s more like Chopped. Each episode has different people.
    They did a similar show with Cupcake Wars and DC SuperHero Girls. I think that one, if I remember correctly, was adults vs. kids.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Need help. Im looking fod the cake recipe f Erics made a vanilla, raspberry, and blueberry celebration cake???? Anyone can help pls.

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