The New Wonder Woman Movie Trailer Looks Ridiculously Cool

I’m starting to get really excited about this, gang. I know I’ve been burned by superhero movies before, several times in fact, but dang does Wonder Woman look like it’s going to be a cool movie. This new trailer, released yesterday, is an absolute blast and leaves me so keen for more. Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins still seem to be in tease mode here; it’s the second trailer, but it remains light on details. Still, we know a little bit more than we did before, and perhaps we can start to make some educated guesses.

First off, it appears that Dr. Poison could to be one of the villains, and I’m assuming that she’s the lady with the partial face appliance. Showing gases that can eat through a gas mask is a good indicator, plus the World War One setting makes a lot of sense given the terrible toxins used in the trenches during the war. If this guess proves true, it could be a very fun choice. Dr. Poison is a classic Wonder Woman villain that should fit well in her new setting. And I’m guessing we’ll get a second, likely mythological villain in the mix, probably Ares, though to my eye the trailer seems inconclusive on the mythology front.

Also, Steve Trevor’s arrival on Paradise Island may not be a solo affair. His crash landing appears to be followed by a German invasion of the Amazons’ home. I’m not super up on my World War One history, but that rowboat is named “Schwaren” (or some such; it’s blurry), which seems rather German, and I googled their uniforms and these fellows look similar. That’s an interesting twist on the classic Steve Trevor arrival.

And DANG does the battle that ensues look SUPER COOL. I can’t wait to see all of this on the big screen. That swinging Amazon flying down from the cliff? Amazing. It looks like at least one Amazon is going to die in the attack, presumably leading to Diana departing the island and going to help fight the war.

Paradise Island looks rad, by the way. That long shot with all the buildings and such looks great. There’s a definite style to the place that feels ancient and classic while being unique at the same time. I like everything I’m seeing on Paradise Island so far.

In Europe, we basically get a whole lot of Wonder Woman kicking ass, which is a blast. She deflects SO MANY bullets. I love it. Also, that alley way attack looks like it might be an homage to Superman: The Movie, which is delightful. All of the action is awesome, and also not at all generic, which I’m glad to see. Wonder Woman appears to have a unique fighting style, and the action looks well shot and choreographed. I’m very into it all of it.

The trailer hints at the Diana/Steve romance as well; we’ve got a near kiss between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine that should have fans of their relationship very excited. And, just like with the first trailer, Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy steals the show at the end, this time with her enthusiasm for fisticuffs. She seems poised to be the film’s break out character.

I will say, yet again, that I’m still not sure on the World War One setting. As much as I loved the trailer, this is not a setting we’ve ever seen for Wonder Woman before and that feels a little bit weird. Also, Diana clashing with the gender norms of 1917 is amusing and all, but I’d much rather have a Wonder Woman who pushes the boundaries of our modern world rather than a world a century past when women couldn’t even vote yet. It’s not hard to look progressive and tough a hundred years ago.

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic trailer and I enjoyed it like crazy. Everything looks so fun and exciting and rad, and my already astronomical keenness for the movie has now grown even more. If Wonder Woman can deliver on all of the promise its shown in the two trailers so far, it’s going to be a heck of a film. And it’s only seven months away now! I can’t wait.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

3 thoughts on “The New Wonder Woman Movie Trailer Looks Ridiculously Cool

  1. I think we had a reveal why Wonder Woman chooses to act during WWI. Steve says something to effect that this is the war to end all wars.. So Diana is getting involved hopefully to END war.. though.. she’s a “warrior” according to Johns and has trained her entire life to kill and maim.. -_-** ugg.. and again the lasso appears to only be used twice in the movie, sword is much more prominent and they’ve yet to highlight the lasso in a single promo image.. it’s all SWORD SWORD SWORD.. it’s very much like they’re selling her as generic female action hero.. and that is not remotely interesting.

  2. I’ve loved both trailers so far, and I hope they continue to hold back as much information as possible while still selling the movie. I really like the WW1 setting and if those old rumors, that the first movie would be WW1 the second WW2 and only by the third one would we get to modern day, turn out to be true, then that would be just fine with me. Here’s hoping we get a second and third film.

    Wonder Woman is to my mind the most complex and complicated superhero in comics. That complexity and all the seemingly incompatible contradictions in her character, is a big part of what I like about the character. But I never expected that fascinating complexity to make it on to the big screen, and so i’m pretty much fine with her mostly being defined as a noble warrior. The Paladin warrior prist aspekt of Wonder Woman is probably what I would focus on to if I was tasked with making a action adventure movie about Wonder Woman. I think the Captain America movies have proven pretty well, that you can make an exciting action adventure movie where the hero spends most of the movie fighting and wrecking people’s faces and still convincingly characterizes that hero as a kind, noble and good hearted person.

  3. I was also unsure about the WWI setting but I’ve come around; WW2 has been done to death in comics and the pettiness and moral ambiguity of the conflicts in WW1 could play an interesting role in explaining why Diana left mankind for a hundred years until the events in BvS. And I am really digging the Downton Abbey-era chic that’s all over this movie! One thing I find curious though: it looks like they are dispensing with the “contest” aspect of Wonder Woman’s origin? From this trailer it looks like she’s unilaterally taking the equipment without official permission from Hippolyta. Not so sure how I feel about this: it seems inspired by the Timm-era Justice League origin and I felt like that version of the story really shortchanged the richness of Diana’s story. Other than that I’m pretty jazzed about this movie; it looks like no other superhero movie (no, not even Captain America to which it’s getting compared ad nauseum) and I’m just thrilled that she’s going to be on the big screen in some form. Even a just-ok movie would make me happy; here’s hoping it’s much more than that.

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