Women In Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, September 2016 In Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is up at Bleeding Cool, and both DC and Marvel’s overall percentage remained in a fairly steady spot, though both ticked down slightly.

DC fell to 17% female creators overall, a tiny drop from August and well within the range they’ve been in for the past six months. Marvel was just a tick ahead of DC with 17.1% female creators, a small decline of 0.9% from the month before. Marvel’s a bit low compared to where they were recently, but well above their numbers from last autumn.

We also took a look at group editors at DC and Marvel, the senior editors who control specific sections of each publisher’s lineup. We broke up our stats by group editor and cut out the editorial numbers to focus solely on the creative side of things. The results were interesting: DC’s Brian Cunningham and Eddie Berganza were at the bottom of the list in the ballpark of about 3% female creators, while DC’s Mark Doyle and Jim Chadwick were at the top in the range of 20% female creators. All of Marvel’s group editors and a couple more from DC filled out the middle of the chart.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the numbers and analysis!


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