Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, February 2017 in Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” article went up earlier this week on Bleeding Cool, and February was an interesting month in terms of shifting trends at both DC and Marvel.

After setting record highs in the fall, DC has remained in the ballpark of those highs since, but their overall percentage of female creators tumbled down to 16.3% in February, their lowest total in nearly a year. Marvel’s been rather up and down lately, and well off their past highs, but they ticked up to 17.1% female creators overall, marking the first time in several months that they’ve topped DC. Moreover, while their recent data is a bit all over the map, the overall trend for the past few month appears to have them moving upward in terms of representation.

We also took a look at who is writing who at DC and Marvel, following up on a piece we did last year that found while men write male and female characters proportionally to the publisher’s line as a whole, women were predominantly writing female characters. Not much has changed in the year since; in fact, this trend is even more pronounced. Women writers worked on books with a female lead 85% of the time in February, up 15% from last year, while at Marvel women writers worked on books with a female lead 89% of the time, up 10% from last year. It’s a stark imbalance that shows that true representation remains far off. Female writers should be able to write everyone, just as male writers do.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats analysis fun and the full data!


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