Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, March 2017 in Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up at Bleeding Cool a little while back, and March 2017 was an interesting month that solidified some recent trends we’ve been seeing in female representation at both DC and Marvel.

DC’s overall percentage of female creators fell slightly to 16%, marking their fifth straight drop and their lowest total in a year. Marvel rose to 18.5% female creators overall, bringing them to their highest total in nearly a year. Things are heading in opposite directions at the Big Two right now.

We also took a look at the Eisner Award nominees, and while female representation across all of the categories is down from 27.5% in 2016 to 24.7% in 2017, this year’s total is still considerably higher than every year before 2016. It’s a small step down, but women are well represented across all of the categories and are a strong presence in the nomination list, just at slightly lower levels than last year’s record breaking numbers.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for the full stats and analysis!


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2 Responses to “Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, March 2017 in Review”

  1. Darci Says:

    Hi Tim,
    You touch on something I was asking about last month’s numbers: can a publisher boost their numbers cheaply by issuing a bunch of variant covers? It sure looks like Marvel did.

    That’s great news about the Hugos. Hopefully it serves as a wakeup call to the comics industry!

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I wouldn’t say “cheaply” since all roles are important and variant cover jobs can lead to interior art and other long term gigs, but yeah, they can. Especially at Marvel, where they have SO many covers. A boost in female creators there can really effect the overall numbers more so than in other categories.

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