The Many Lives of Catwoman Moments, Week Ten: Manipulation, Inspiration, and Animation


My newest book The Many Lives of Catwoman: The Felonious History of a Feline Fatale is now officially available in bookstores and online across a variety of formats, and I’ve been celebrating its release for several weeks now by sharing key moments from Catwoman’s history on Tumblr. It’s a random assortment of comic book panels and film stills that span her many incarnations across nearly eight decades of entertainment. Some are silly, some are serious, many are both, and they all showcase what is great and fascinating about the character while offering sneak peeks inside the book.

Last week, the ten moments that we looked at included:

And finally, my favourite Catwoman moment of the week is Gina Gershon’s take on the character in the animated series The Batman from 2004. Now, The Batman is no Batman: The Animated Series and Gershon’s Catwoman pales in comparison to Adrienne Barbeau’s brilliant take on the character. But that doesn’t change the fact that The Batman is a great, underrated show with unique versions of Gotham City and its villains, including Catwoman. She was a villain, but she was in the game just for the thrill of the heist. Catwoman saved Batman multiple times, flirted with him shamelessly, and was far more interested in the fun of the adventure than getting away with an item. She appeared in a handful of episodes during the show’s first three seasons, and they’re all delightful.

You can catch up on all of the previous Catwoman moments here, and follow along for more fun twice a day! The Many Lives of Catwoman is available for purchase in various formats, so check it out and learn all about her fascinating history!


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