Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, Autumn 2017 in Review


My quarterly “Gendercrunching” column went up last week at Bleeding Cool, and it was an interesting fall for DC and Marvel. There were gains at both publishers over the course of October, November, and December, though Marvel showed much higher growth.

All together, DC Comics’ average percentage of female creators came in at 15.6% for the autumn, a minimal 0.2% gain from their summer numbers. By category, it was an unremarkable month on the creative side of the chart, with small losses across the board, but editorial saw solid gains. The publisher was pretty consistent month to month, meaning that DC is in a bit of a rut right now, posting totals well below their previous highs.

Over at Marvel, their average percentage of female creators for the fall rose two points to 18%, a relatively strong total for the publisher on the back of a sizeable gain. The monthly numbers were a bit all over the map, but the creative side of the chart is underwhelming. A significant portion of Marvel’s total comes from their massive female assistant editor numbers, which are floating around 70%. Everything else is average at best. So long as those assistant editor numbers hold, Marvel should be riding high, but they could really set some records if they put any effort into hiring more female writers and artists.

The full charts and analysis are up over at Bleeding Cool, so head over there for all of the data and statistical fun!

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